Tuesday, August 04, 2009


So Alonso is gone. It was inevitable.30 million. If you ask me he will be the link to the Galacticos. That missing piece of the puzzle.He will be the final piece. Hes passing,his vision will be vital to Madrids link with KAKA AND PENALTINHO.

The question is.What will Rafa do with the money now. Who do we buy.Is it Alberto Aquilani. Im an Azurri supporter and lots have been expected from Aquilani. Everytime they say that this is his year and nothing happens.Granted he is young,In Euro 2008 when he was sent on as a subsitute he was lost in the centre of the Park against Spain. Perhaps the Premiership will suit him or give his career a boost.He is young though.

Or maybe Rafa will silence everyone and bring in David Villa or swipe David Silva under the MANCS noses.

So lads do we need another midfielder to replace Alonso or should we opt fro a striker instead.We still need a striker anyhow. My suggestion is Rafael van De Vaart

Buenos dias Xabi. You have served us well!


  1. Buenos dias Xabi? Swoosh the oke is leaving not joining the fools. Buenos dias means good morning.

    I think what you meant to say was "gracias por todo Xabi" which means thanks for everything Xabi.

    Rumours are that Liverpool are close to signing Cristian Poulsen as his replacement. Being a Juve man I thought you would have picked up on that Swoosh


  2. Doesn't Xabi mean "doos" in one of the african languages? Anyway, you guys don't need anyone, you need a miracle. You should have this for quote of the week, "My chances of hitting a hole in one are far better than liverpool winning the league" - Sir Alex Ferguson.

    With or without alonso liverfools still the same and I think this season it's going to be even tougher for the scouzers, I reckon a 3rd, 4th or even 5th place for them.

  3. why not cash and a player?

    Looks like the best deal so far was Inter.
    Eto plus a pile of cash


  4. liverdrols liverdrols where for art thou liverpoeses

  5. Well Alonso was shit i have no clue how you guys can say he was as Swooshie says 'SUBLIME'....i think he is way over rated i dont think he is worth the £30m paid and liverflops needed the money.

    All them fools who left the mancs thought they gonna last at Real well see how many have totally messed up...

    Alonso will be another botched buy for Real coz the catalans are going to win it all this year

  6. David Villa to liverpool.Watch this Space.
    Watch it MANCS

  7. Thank you Shakes he he
    Ya Poulsen is s#4t man. He had a terrible season for JUVE.Even Tachinardi wud have done a better job...
    I hope he doesnt come to liverpool.
    What you think of Milan thsi year Shakes.Your prediction.
    Juve,Inter and Roma are pretty solid
    Many owes are saying this could be Ronaldinhos year

  8. The sale of Kaka has hurt us i feel.
    But I have belief in Burlesconi and Galliani. They say we in a transition period so I think three years is enough to build a team ready to challenge on all fronts.

    Also the new transfer policy is spot on. I never saw the wisdom in signing over 30's for big money. Rather invest in youth like they doing now. And Real and Man City have just over inflated transfer costs so there are no good money buys at the moment.

    Dhino has showed glimpses of his old self in preseason, but no where near enough to give me hope of making us title contenders. Lets wait and see. No predictions but I would have to settle for fourth place again this season.

    On the transfer front I dont think we have the financial muscle to get the players we want. Was excited with the link of Fabiano, but that is off now. Wolfsburg refuse to let Edin Dzeko leave as well.
    Don't think we gonna add any players to the squad.

    Inter are still the strongest and I believe that they got the better deal in that whole Ibra deal. Etoo shines even against the big guns.


  9. Finally a striker signed by the Rossoneri.

    Swoosh Huntelaar is on his way subject to a medical.



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