Tuesday, August 04, 2009


SA Crickets Goolam Rajah of Spur along with Spur Rosebank Managers present the award to the Best of the Best IPL 2009 Champion Anees Mayet

Anees Mayet enjoying the Steak served up by the Sponsors Spur Rosebank

The 2009 IPL Fantasy Trophy sponsored by Spur Rosebank and Nandos Lonehill

Great Food,Great atmosphere on Sunday

Spur Rosebank and SA Crickets Goolam Rajah

Yusuf Seth awarded with the hamper for the UEFA Champions League Hamper by sponsor RIO Perfumes.

Firstly I wanna say a Warm Thank you to our Sponsor Spur Rosebank and Nandos Lonehill for their sponsorship and Hamper. Anees Mayet,his wife and I were treated to a Lunch at Spur Rosebank and the service was exellent. They really ensued that the 2009 IPL Champion was worthy of a great meal. They also presented Anees with trophy worthy of the raz mataz of the IPL. We also had a chat to Goolam Rajah about SA Cricket and the team as well ashis plans and experiences with the Deccon Chargers. It was great and Swoosh0018 Thanks Yusuf Bhamjee,The Spur Management and Goolam Rajah for their service and sponsor. Highly appreciated. The food was exellent as well. Anees I await your response
Swoosh0018 would also like to Thank Rio Perfumes in the Plaza for his sponsorship of the Best of the Best UEFA Champions League. Yusuf Seth recieved a trophy worthy of a champion as well as Guess Shower Gels and Aftershaves.
Thank you Rio Perfumes for your sponsor.

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