Monday, August 17, 2009



1. FC Toby Irshad Latiff 59 vs .I'm better than UBG! Mohsin Seth 70
2. Kop End Ebrahim Ahmed . 74 vs THE CHAMPION SETH Junaid Seth 48
3 Fordsburg Lities Bilal Coovadia 50 vs FAT FRANKS XI Yusuf Seth 67
4. ANZO STARS ANEES MAYET 50 vs. PORN STARS Azhar Mohamed Moola 71
SEMI FINALS (Gameweek 2)
1. 1 nil to Arsenal Mohsin Seth vs PORN STARS Azhar Mohamed Moola
2. Kop End Ebrahim Ahmed vs FAT FRANKS X1 Yusuf Seth
FC TOBY. IrshaD Latiff 59 vs PORN STARS Azee Moola 71
Congratulations to Azee Moolla on Winning the Swoosh0018 Charity Foundation Cup.Please collect your mini ball from Swoosh Azee

1.Goodfella's Muhammed Riaz Gani 78
2.Blade Runner Nurge Fajandar 76
3.Maitali FC Thabang Phetwe 75
4. Kop End FC Ebrahim Ahmed 74
5. Issey FC ismail moosa 74
6. Ridsz FC ridwaan Mayet 71

7. * Porn Stars * Azhar Mohamed Moola 71
8 1 nil to the Arsenal Mohsin Seth 70
9. Greenballers Isaac Moche 68
10. Mickey Owen's XI Yusuf Seth 67

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  1. what the hell? seth has two teams fat franks and michael owens, can we also enter two teams? he needs to appear b4 the DC.


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