Wednesday, August 19, 2009


What a night of footie. Liverpool thumped Stoke. The Mancs lost against Burnly and Uncle Bhai Gora says Does Caster Semenya have the BALLS to stand up to the IAAF and proves she is innocent and deserves the 800m Gold Medal.

Firstly what a performance from liverpool.Glen Jhonson shone on debut and thumping our voodoo team stoke was obviously a big plus on the night.4 smackers. I was a bit shocked when Rafa left Riera on the bench and chose to start with Lucas.But pundits on were hailing Lucas's performance as great and praised him for filling Alonsos boots.But Cmon.Its only two games and it was Stoke
So I still believe Lucas is
k@#2k. But great performance and a great way to get your first win. Lets hope we can continue this momentum

Many MANCS will think Im just trying to stir up shit and pi$$ them off but again my reasoning what diffrentiates a player from being World Class and just Premiership material. Carrick is good for the Premiership I feel.Carrick was guilty yesterday of missing a penalty that cost the MANCS. I cant understand why Fergie doesnt revert to his penalty takers aka Wayne Rooney and even Owen.

On the whole I was shocked that the MANCS dropped three crucial points and lost against Burnley of all people.Its unlike the MANCS. And with a season full of surprises I term it as three points lost.
And again any MANC loss is splendid.Red Man, does this performance enhance your notion of signing another midfielder.

Spurs continued to roll on by thumping Hull and Defoe is in great form.Spurs now make it two out of two.Birmingham needed a penalty to beat Pompey in the other game.

In Europe PSG all but sealed their pasaage and Aguero grabbed a late winner for Atletico Madrid against Pananthiakos

By Uncle Bhai Gora

Vat is up wid IAAF and Ozzies.Everytime de Ozzies are gunning people.Mutiah and Akhtar for chucking and now dey van our Gold Medalist to undergo a Gender Test.
Vat is a gender test.Do you drop your pants and show dem u got tities.Vat is it
Or do dey search your luggage and see if you got Mens Perfume or a Louie Vittone handbag.
Stories are surfacing dat Caster vas listining to Bob marleys "No Woman ,No Crime" and dey felt suspicious. Fat Ronaldo phoned me and said Oi Bhai Gora. You never know dese days.Look at me.How I got caught. I said FR.Yours is different Bhaiya.You put hand at bottom and snake came out. Our medal winner is a lady but dey say she a man.Why because she look like like a man.Look at picture below and determin your conclusion.
also in school I know dat vun guy used to play under 12 even ven he vas in high school. But its IAAF and you cant get avay vit tings like dat here.If she knew she vas man she vudnt have got so far.
Vun day ven I was at Arthur Ashes party after he von Vimbledon,A young Martina Navritola asked me UBG ,I need some spice and masala in my serve. I say ah ha ha Gora Papa.I asked Ash is she ok....and dats ven Arthur Ashe said.Bhai Gora, "A sardine is also a Fish". RIP Arthur.
But maybe our star just needs some TITS.and she be fine.Ask Serena Williams. Vimbledon never asked for Gender Test. Vat are your views readers.


  1. Carrick is a MUGG

  2. Red Man.Hows it looking with David Silva.Shoobs are you gone into hiding cha cha.Where are the mancs.Shakers,Seth,Biggy,Azee.
    Any MANCS out there.
    OR are you owes BURN(ley) ing

  3. It was a kak night, still early days.


  4. Liverpool rumoured to snap up Van De Waart for 10 million

  5. Great night of footie. Pool overcome their jinx team, and the red devil got burnt before Ramadaan.

    Its the little games that win you the season.


  6. IAAF have a point.Its worth the investigation.


  7. Swoowsh on the Carrick issue, since he joined United he has been at hte heart of our Midfield in three title winning seasons. I rate him as one the best defensive midfielders in England. We hoping his partnership with Fletcher this season becomes the midfield mainstay with Valencia wide right.
    Lets see.
    We still suffering from a defensive hospital list.


  8. Eish, been a while ...

    Credit to Burnley, well struck ... good goal. Question all Reds are asking this morning is "Why did Carrick step up for the pen???" even more worrying is Owen's stuttering start, we need him to find confidence and fast !!!

    Redman is spot on with highlighting our injured backline, but that's no excuse. The Burnely keeper was on sublime form and we didn't finish. Well done Burnely.

    One the okes in my team at the office is born and bred Burnely. It's the smallest town in the Prem League and when they played the play-off at Wembley, literally half the town was at the stadium. Coyle is God in that town and they had a massive party last night and it's still buzzing this morning. No doubt, last nights match is now part of Burnley footballing history and was especially special for Blake.

    We can't take anything away from that and we can do is be gracious losers and look to take 3 points from Wigan.


  9. Come now Swoosh. You guys are always jumping for joy in September. It's early days yet. Also we have more points than we did this time last year.

    You have to give credit to Burnley. They played well, the goal was brilliantly taken. They were 1st to every loose ball, and even when we were attacking them they kept cool and manage to see out the danger. When we got beyond them their keeper was brilliant. Apart from the penalty save which was class, he pulled out saves from Park, Rooney, Giggs and Berba. He commanded his box well at corners. They played well and deserved the win.

    As for Carrick, even the best miss penalties. I remember one night in July 1994 a certain Juve star missing in the Rose Bowl in California. Think it was a crucial one as well. hehe

    But in all honesty he shouldn't have taken it, Carrick that is not Baggio.

    But all credit to Burnley, a deserved win for them last night. Spurs are looking menacing at the moment.


  10. Didnt you guys hear when I "SETH" to you that the devils are gonna get "PUNISHERed" coz ramaan is coming? and all devils get "BURNLEY" Do you people "AZEE" with me?

    All u "BIGGY" mouths must learn to control u mouths elses "SHAKES" to my music.Are u all "SHOOBid"?????

  11. Oh and 1 More thing.....

    Go "STOKE" ur cocks!!!

  12. hahahahhaha Altaafs cuzzie is a real poet!!!!

  13. poor performance by united

  14. carrick is a useless cunt, always indecisive, never liked the bastard. still trying to find the reason why our strikers are not the 1st choice penalty takers???
    i say to hell with owen and berbatov, bring in macheda, at least he's got the balls to do something.
    united seem to be lacking ideas, the other teams have all taken a step forward, seems like we have taken a step back...
    owen has now missed 4-5 chances...wonder if he is still a good aquisition.
    its gonna be a long hard season if last nights performance becomes the norm..
    The Red Devil

  15. Its one game
    We were unlucky
    We dint take our chances
    Still realy days

    Roy Charo


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