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Durban is one of 3 Coastal Host Cities as well as being the busiest Port City in South Africa. Durban is the perfect city for tourists and holiday goers. It has beautiful warm weather throughout the year and it’s beaches are among the best in the World having the warm Indian Ocean Waters.

Another major attraction is Durban’s spectacular “Golden Mile” which is 6kms long along Durban’s central Beach Front. This are will be the hub for tourists and spectators during the 2010 World Cup. The Golden Mile provides more than just swimming, surfing and beach activities as it includes famous rickshaw rides. Durban also has a wide heritage of both Indian, African & Zulu cultures.

Also along the Golden Mile Beachfront are many entertainment facilities for kids & adults alike with Ushaka Marine World being the main attraction. This entertainment area spans over 15 acres of the Beach front area and is Africa’s largest Marine Theme Park. It has a wide variety of activities from Sea World Marine Shows to Restaurants and Fun Water Activities.

Durban also has plenty of museums and galleries as well as markets & shopping malls that provide the complete trip for a tourist.

Further abroad from Durban other areas that may be of interest include St Lucia in particular the St Lucia Wetlands Park and many coral reefs, the Beautiful Drakensburg Mountain Ranges as well as The Kwa-Zulu Natal Battlefields.

Durban will play host to 7 games in total at the 2010 FIFA World Cup which include 5 Group Games, 1 Round of 16 Game as well as a Semi-Final.


All the FIFA 2010 World Cup matches are to be held at the newly built Moses Mabhida Stadium which will have a capacity of 70 000. The stadium is located within the Kings Park Sports Precinct. The key feature of the Stadium is a 350m long Steel Arch about 105 metres above the stadium. A cable car will carry spectators to the middle of the arch to a viewing platform from the north side of the arch. The south side of the arch has a 550 step adventure walk. The newly built Moses Mabhida Stadium will cost about 1.6 Billion Rands.


The proposed FIFA Fan Park for Durban is to be located near the Kings Park Sports Precinct on the Durban Beachfront. The Site for the FIFA Fan Park will be at the New Beach Area along the Durban Golden Mile which is being upgraded and the budget for the upgrade of the Beach Front is estimated at 100 million rand. The Golden Mile will be known as the Fan Mile during the FIFA 2010 World Cup.

Other public viewing areas for host city of Durban are targeted at being in Umlazi and Kwamashu.


The Training Venues for the City of Durban are to be selected from:

Umlazi King Zwelethini Stadium

Kwamashu Princess Magogo Stadium

Clermont Sugar Ray Xulu Stadium

All the above stadiums are currently being upgraded to match FIFA Training Venue requirements and is expected to cost just over 300 Million rands.


The Kings Park Sports Precinct will be the main football & sporting hub for the city of Durban during the 2010 World Cup as well as in the future. The Precinct will include the following:

Newly Built Moses Mabhida stadium with Cable Car

Heroes Walk- Providing Access from the City Centre on a Historical Sporting & Political Journey

People’s Park- Central Public Area filled with lawns & cycle tracks etc.

Imbizo Place – Central Hub & Meeting Place with Retail Outlets & Restaurants

Pedestrian Link to the beach front

Kings Park Railway Station for direct access to Precinct.

Restaurants on Stadium Level 5 with excellent views of the beach

Hospitality Area to be developed at People’s Park to include Sponsors Village, Exhibition Centre & Broadcast Village.


The Park & Ride sites for the city of Durban for the 2010 FIFA World Cup include the following major parking areas:

The major park & ride areas targeted are:

The Pavilion Shopping Mall in Westville with a total of 6200 Bays

Gateway Shopping Centre in Umhlanga with a total of 6000 Bays

Workshop Parking with a total of 6000 Bays

Other Parking Areas include The Royal Hotel Parking, Pine Parkade, The ICC Parking & Musgrave Shopping Centre.

In total Durban will have a total of over 30 000 Parking Bays available.

The total budget for transport improvements and developments for the City of Durban is estimated to be 1.7 billion rands. The major projects with regards to transport improvements in Durban include the following:

Warwick Junction Implementation.

This major transport hub is being completely revamped. The main projects for the Warwick Junction is the implementation of a flyover for private cars so that the Warwick Junction will be for taxis & buses mainly. Improvements for public transport and pedestrian facilities as well as the development of new retail areas for the new warwick junction.

Ethekweni (Durban) Transport Services
Inner City Distribution System

Development of New People Mover Bus system which has 2 dedicated lanes travelling within the City of Durban. This service is expected to run daily from 6 am to 11 pm with buses arriving at 15 minute intervals and is already in implementation. The existing taxi service is to be improved and expanded upon as well.

Public Transport Lanes
Many dedicated Public Transport lanes are being implemented to ease traffic as well as create easy access for spectators during the 2010 World Cup. Currently the M4 & N3 highways are being implemented with these dedicated Public Transport Lanes.

Rail Services
The major rail services that will be provided includes the main 3 stations targeted such as the Umgeni Station, Durban station and the proposed development of the Moses Mabhida Stadium Station.

Other Projects
There are various other projects being implemented including the solar powered LED Traffic lights, Public Transport Call Centre, CCTV Monitoring, development of Cycle & Pedestrian Walkways. Their also needs to be public transport to and from the designated park & ride areas.

The main Airport for Durban is obviously the Durban International Airport but the King Shaka Airport in La Mercy north of the city will also provide a base for spectators coming to Durban. The other main access routes to the City of Durban is the N3 from Johannesburg and the N2 from the Eastern & Western Cape.

The majority of the accommodation available in Durban is along the beachfront on Durban Central Beach, as well as in the Durban City Centre and along both South & North coasts of Durban. FIFA family and special travel groups will be targeting top hotels such as the Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills Hotel in Umhlanga as well as the Sibaya Resort north of Umhlanga & Durban.


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