Thursday, September 17, 2009


MAYFAIR AUTO GLASS has graced the blog and Mayfair and Lads support our man Ziyad Laher. They fit genuine shatterproof windscreens which are the best.They are quality approved,SABS approved and comply with teh regulatory safety standards needed today.

-Available 24 hours a day
-No Insurance hastles-Pay the excess and we take care of it for you
-Commercial glass valuations on request
-Windscreen and chip repairs -all to SABS standards
-Only OEM windscreens and shatterprufe Armourplate windscreens used.They also fit Llumar window smash and grab tint

The owner Ziyad Laher assures our owes,top service and quality installations.
He also deals with most insurers so your claims will be handled properly.

Swoosh0018 Thanks Mayfair Autoglass for their support and we wish them the best in their venture.


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