Friday, September 11, 2009


Wudu Khana

Sleeping facilities

Akhals for Iftaar

Last week we delivered Ackhals Polny Specials and Cold Drinks to the Maderessah Itah Ah Deen in Extension 13 for Iftaar.I just want to thank our anonymous doner for the wonderful sponsor.The litys were thrilled

I have inserted some pics of the orphanage that we will be assisting from this day on. Also Thank you Saeeda Bhamjee for contributing toiletries to the orphanage.

This weekend we will be supplying Wimpy to the boys for Iftaar.Thank you to Mr Yunus Chopdat of Lenasia for the Wonderful Sponsor.Also Thank you to Ebrahim "The Great" Lachporia for providing savouries for the litys for Iftaar and Sehri
And lastly Thanks to Akhals Lenasia Extension 5 for teh wonderful service

If anyone wishes to contribute and assist this orphanage in the future please contact me
082 581 0735 or email

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