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Firstly Before I forget


RULES ARE SIMPLE:Entry Free, One team per player.Grand Prize for the Winner
League Code: 7062-2027


As we head into the last ten days of Ramadaan, the holy month is drawing to an end. Dont know bout you owes but last ten days a re ok, the pshycoligical fact that the last days are approaching. also its days of tempers,lots of road rage incidents and fighting in the Mosques. To some its the hardest part of Ramadaan


Anyways League action was back.Now an irate Arsenal Fan has offered a bounty on the blog.
He is offering a R300 shopping voucher at RCS Sports to anyone that slates Adebejor on the blog.
So place a comment and you can win.
His motive behind this is to avenge Adebajors reaction to the Arsenal Fans,

Rules are simple.Leave your comment and you Full name.
No religious or racial taunts will be accepted.
And no idiotic comments obviously.
He will judge the comments and the winning comments will be published on Wednesday.

Arsenal fans are saying that the scoreline doesnt reflect the game.But three points is three points.
Man City are a different team this year and they mean business.To beat Arsenal (thanks ABR) and score four goals. Adebajor had a blinder.He was everywhere....socring,tackling and clearing off the line.And despite the misfortune and controversy about him being sent off he was instrumental in Arsenals demise. So Arsenal who have been touted by pundits to take the Premiership by storm after their mesmerising form are back where they were.Typical Arsenal.
I wonder what Jives,Moosa Areff,Zam Ram and of course Faaiz Oz have to say.
And is it to early to judge City on being Premiership contenders.
They are certainly making BIG strides

4-0.A great performance by Rafas men.And step up Ben Ayoun with a hatrick.Kuyt the worker got one as well.Stevie G was captain Marvel again.But why are the press and some Liverpool Fans and toppies in the mosques etc saying that Torres is shit and that hes just good for Tap Ins etc. I disagree.El Nino is class and a finisher.As Liverpool build momentum so will he
According to the theory of the Italia 90 commentator. Burnley beat the MANCS, Liverpool beat Burnley,so now Liverpool will beat the MANCS.
Nevertheless great win and 3 points

3 points is three points and call it theft from Malouda but Chelsea are maintaining momentum,.As luck rides with the MANCS so did it lie with Chelsea this weekend.
And the Drog keeps on scoring.
But I just dont know why Chelsea are conceding defensively.
Stuffing up my fantasy strategy I tell you

Il leave more for the Red Man to speak. Agian we were in high spirits when Spurs scored.But all the toppies in Newtown musnt say Watch Spurs.If Spurs beat United then they can say that. Again an impressive display by the MANCS. Especially Paul Scholes.When is the servant of Man Utd ever going to learn.But step up a in form Wayne Rooney and Man Utd won 3-1 and with ten men and they keep up their challenge. With an easy round in Europe too the MANCS should gain momentum.I have high praise for Vidic.He is the quality that makes Ferdinan look good as does Terry for England. And I was quite chuffed to read Vidic list of the top three strikers that he wouldnt want to face, Torres,Eto and Ibrahimovic were priority on his list

Elsewhere in the Premiership good wins for Villa,Blackburn and Fullham. And its off to Europe now in Midweek

In Serie A Juve continue to take maximum points with a fantastic 2-0 win over Lazio.Giovinco was sublime as he came on for the injured Diego and set up Trezeguets second.It was also the debut of Grosso. Del Piero should make a return against Bordoux in the Champions League. But in Ciro Ferara we trust as his blood is black and white.What a long way we have come from Serie B and now finally Juve are looking lethal.This could be our year if everyone stays fit. Good wins also for Inter as they lethal strike force of Milito and Eto grabbed a goal a piece.Milan are in shambles again and all they managed was a o-0 draw against Livorno.
Roma notched their first win.


Barcelona ran out comfortable 2-0 winners over Getafe with Zlatan scoring his first goal.Penaltinho and co keep up the pressure.More to come


PDV wins in Hamilton and the Boks secure the Tri Nations.What a thing. PVD has gaciously proved us wrong.Uncle Bhai Gora is proud.He attributes it all to the stach.Like Sampson their strengths are in their moustaches.
But what a feat for PDV and the boks.Although they almost choked at the end, they held on.And Morne Steyn has been sublime for the BOKS.Azee and Co.What do you have to say. The Boks beat the Lions and now have won the Tri Nations.Is it because PDV has not said anything dumb on TV and focussed his efforts on the Field.
Whos Better,Jake White or PDV?

Kim Clysters has won the US open from a comeback and it was a fairytile ending.After defeating Serena Williams en route to the final and the big talking point about Serenas reaction Clysters cruised to victory on Monday
As for Serenas outburst I think it was pathetic to react the way she did.Not since Macenros outburst against Mikael Penfors in the Austrailian Open has a player lost the match by default.
And if it was a footfault it was a footfault. Her reaction on match point was inappropriate and I think she deserved to be penalised.
At Newtown Mosque I spoke to Mo Canada a notorious tennis player within the community and a man who is belting his serve maybe bigger than Del Potros
Anyways Mo Canadas response was swift and he deemed Serenas Behaviour as unacceptable for a Tennis Player.
He made mention of how Tennis is a calm and tranquil sport.Its gentlemanly and ladylike,Strawberries and cream. To react the way Serna did was appaling.Abide by the rules and get on with it.And if you strike a lineslady or ball girl then you not playing Tennis
Below is an extract of an interview of the William Sisters after they won the doubles

TIM CURRY: Thanks for joining us for our press conference with our 2009 US Open women's doubles champions. We ask that any questions in today's press conference refer to events of today only.
With that, we'll open the floor.
Q. Congratulations Venus and Serena on your doubles championship. As it relates to events of today, you issued a statement as it relates to your actions the other night. Why did it take 48 hours for you to release the statement?
SERENA WILLIAMS: Actually, I wanted to start out with a statement, again, for those who didn't read it online. I issued a statement yesterday, as well, so that's not an accurate statement that you made.
But, again, for anyone that didn't get a chance to read it, I wanted to apologize first to the lineswoman, to the USTA, and my fans most of all, and to Kim Clijsters who ended up having such a wonderful tournament and winning the championship, and what an amazing feat that was.
But just I ‑‑ for a major emotional outburst that I had. I think I pretty much covered it. I just really wanted to apologize sincerely, because I'm a very prideful person and I'm a very intense person and a very emotional person. I think it all showed.
Most of all, I'm a very sincere person. I wanted to offer my sincere apologies to anyone that I may have offended. I would again like to thank the fans for all the support that I've gotten. I think it's awesome and cool that I've got so much support. I appreciate everything
Q. Have you spoken directly with the linesperson, or have you attempt to speak directly with the linesperson?
SERENA WILLIAMS: I have not at all, because I have no information on her. That was definitely something that I really wanted to do.
With that being said, I am ready to move on. I think we all are.

Q. You talked today about how you want to grow from this, Serena. Do you feel that you have a problem with anger, and do you think that's something you need to work on?
SERENA WILLIAMS: Like I said, we are talking about the doubles from here on.
Q. Today you said that you wanted to grow from this. I want to ask about that.
SERENA WILLIAMS: Excuse me, I wanted you to ask...
Q. You said you wanted to grow and become a better person in the statement today.
VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, I think personally...
Q. I was asking Serena.
VENUS WILLIAMS: Are you getting aggressive with me?
Q. No.
VENUS WILLIAMS: Because I was about to say something and you interrupted me. I let you say what you needed to say. Thank you.
What I have to say here is that, you know, I think we all obviously see that this sport is intense and we love what we do. You know, it's very emotional out there.
As people, all of us are growing each and every day, . So clearly we're gonna grow not only from this, but also anything else that happens in our lives.

Q. Isn't it strange that if this happened in baseball or any other sport, we wouldn't even be talking about this? If it happens with an umpire, everybody says, Hey, that's exciting. We want to see the guy get kicked out. It's only in this sport and maybe golf. It's sort of ironic? Sort of strange? Just the rules of the game?
SERENA WILLIAMS: : Rules are rules. I don't really follow too much baseball. I think everyone ‑‑ every athlete is really intense, and, yeah.
Q. Serena, what are your thoughts on having had the opportunity to play today, when if events might have been a little bit different as far as the timing of the incident the other night, you wouldn't have been given the opportunity to continue in the tournament?
SERENA WILLIAMS: Well, I think that I was really excited to have an opportunity to even get this far in the tournament, be in the finals and play. But I don't, yeah.
Q. What do you think about the possibilities of even more sanctions against you as a result of what happened here?
SERENA WILLIAMS: Well, I haven't had the time to think about that. I've been really kind of focused on just making sure all my fans were happy and making sure everyone else was happy.
On top of that, believe it or not, playing a doubles match, which wasn't a very easy feat today going against the No. 1 team. It hasn't been that easy, so, yeah.

Q. What led to your thinking that you released the statement today that's different from your statement yesterday and what you said at the press conference after the match?
SERENA WILLIAMS: The statement I released yesterday was just I didn't have ‑‑ I didn't put it on my website. If anyone knows me, I'm really ‑‑ I've always liked to just do a lot and always repeat myself, and I put things on my website. I didn't think maybe it reached enough people, so I wanted to do it again just to show how much I felt.
Q. The one today was more of an apology. The one yesterday was more of a statement to the fans. Is it just that with time, over the last 48 hours you've had time to think and you felt that was warranted?
SERENA WILLIAMS: I definitely think an apology was warranted. You know, I just felt like the other one was an apology, as well. This one I wanted to make sure that I also congratulated Kim on her job that she did, and also to just everyone else.
Q. Venus, why did you feel you needed to respond to Patrick when he asked a question of Serena out on the court?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, basically the crowd was booing Patrick, so I was trying to help him out. (Laughter.) Yeah.
Q. Venus, it's always been tough for you to be the older sister, and you always take care of Serena. How difficult has this been on you, and what kind of advice did you give to Serena?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I always tell ‑‑ I'm extremely proud of Serena, and she's a role model for me. I could have never accomplished anything in my career without her. It's been hand in hand.
You know, everyone is human. That's basically what this is: everyone is human. You know, we sometimes, you know, show our emotions. That's not the norm in tennis. Most people don't show emotions, and in a lot of other sports it is.
But like I said, I'm really proud of Serena and I'm really proud of how she's handled everything
Q. Serena, can you speak on the fan support you've received in the last 48 hours?
SERENA WILLIAMS: Yeah, I've had obviously so many people e‑mailing me, and like I said fans supporting me. I have been able to enjoy this moment, because we're really excited to have won three Grand Slams. We were trying to get French, but it didn't happen for thus year. We're definitely going try next year to make it our goal.
Q. Serena, do you still not remember what you said the other night to the linesperson?
TIM CURRY: We're talking about today's events.
Q. She's apologizing for the events from the other day, so it does relate to today's events. Do you still not remember what you said to the linesperson the other night?
SERENA WILLIAMS: We are talking about today's events, so like I said I do not ‑‑ okay.
Q. You said in your statement, I need to make it clear to all young people that I handled myself inappropriately, that you need to admit when you're wrong. So just follow up on what said in your statement.
SERENA WILLIAMS: Can I talk now?
Q. Absolutely.
SERENA WILLIAMS: I was saying that I do not remember. I was in the heat of the moment. You can see it was a lot of action. I don't remember several points in the match today, let alone anything I might have said a couple days ago.
Q. Serena, does this little trophy in front of you now mean a little relief for you, or is it just a little bit of consolation? What about do think about the title now?
SERENA WILLIAMS: Um, I think I'm really excited to have a title here. I just really, you know, work hard to get any title. Obviously when you enter the singles and the doubles you want to, at least for us, we want to come home with maybe one.
Q. Venus, how is your knee, and what are your immediate plans to address it correctly?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I'm really happy to get the title with Serena. You know, I'm just going to try to get better. That's all I can say. I'm gonna try to get better and try to get ready for my next events.
Q. No surgery or rehab in the future?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, that's the life of an athlete, is constant rehab.
Q. If Serena happened to be suspended from any tournament, would you play in that tournament?
VENUS WILLIAMS: You know, it's hard for me to answer that question. I don't think we're even at that point.
Q. Serena, you mentioned that the call was unfair. Was it unfair because it was wrong or because of the timing of it?
SERENA WILLIAMS: I don't know.
TIM CURRY: Again, we're talking about today's events.
Q. It's a main subject of conversation. I'm just asking her to clarify what she said about the call being unfair. It's something she said.
TIM CURRY: You have the right to ask. She may decline answering.
SERENA WILLIAMS: : I'm totally okay with answering any question.
Q. In the statement yesterday you said the unfair line call. I'm wondering if it was unfair because the timing of it or because your foot didn't go on the line and it was wrong?
SERENA WILLIAMS: Um, well, I mean, I don't think my foot touched the line in that call. Looking back on it, I think the lady did the best that she could. She was just doing her job. I guess at the time, she probably saw it as what it was. You know, she was just doing her best.
Q. What would you like to say to her if you do have the chance?
SERENA WILLIAMS: I would like to give her a big ole hug and let her know that I'm just ‑‑ just put it all behind us like I have and just move on from it. I mean, I have, and like I said, learn.
Q. When you stepped on the court today, were you distracted or just happy to be back on the court? What were you feeling when you went on the court today?
SERENA WILLIAMS: Well, like I said, I felt amazing, because everyone was saying, Go Serena. I didn't know what to expect. Just goes to show that I, again, wish I was really happy that ‑‑ I said I'm really thankful for the fans and how amazing they were and how everyone clearly was really rooting for me.
That made me feel really good. I guess they can see how much I enjoy the sport and how much I always want to do the best I can when I'm out there.

In the mens Final I was really disappointed when Federer lost to Big Serving and Big hitting Giant Juan Martin Del Potro.I wanted Federer to take the slam and four slams in a row,
But Del Potro who belts the forehand and serves huge outclassed Federer in 5 nailbiting sets,two of which he won in Tie Breakers. Wel have more on this soon




    Faaiz oz VS Adebayor... please post that clip again... hahahaa
    Could you please do an interview with Faaiz now.

    Looks like Adebayor won this battle hey?

    We all know its wrong, but the fans deserve it sometimes.
    We wont stop fans from taunting the players with terrible chants.
    And besides, with Ronaldo gone, the EPL needs some talking points.

    Hey Swoosh... how about you donating an extra kleepa of your money to "operation catch a chow"

    City do have a lot of money, but I dont remember them buying the emirates :

    "Man City are a different team this year and they mean business.To beat Arsenal at the Emirates and score four goals."

    The game was not played at the emirates.


  2. Patel the OpticianMonday, 14 September, 2009

    Hey Swoosh

    Which game were you watching? Where did Ade get sent off. He got yellow carded for his antics, there was no sending off.

    Come and see me and i'll hook you up with a free eye test and new perscription!

  3. Zlatan secong league goal, not first........2 in 2

  4. Adebayor! Adebayor!

    your fathers screwing elephants your mothers a whore!

    Adebayor! Adebayor!

  5. How was his celebration, he ran the length of the pitch to the gunner fans . he was inciting them! but i guess the arsenal fans deserve it, they gave him a rough time as well when he left etc!

    hey swoosh ur thoughts on the serena match point debacle? was it justified?

  6. Sorry Optician Patel.I meant to say deserved to be sent off.Its the last ten days,Rozas are hard.

    Azee.Rugga Bugga said PDV Will not survive till World Cup or win next world Cup.
    Regarding Serene my write up will follow.It was pathetic.Well done Clysters.

  7. Adebajor Adebajor.Good riddens to Arsenals Gadero.
    Fuzzy Mayet

  8. According to the theory of the Italia 90 commentator. Spurls beat Liverpool, the MANCS beat Spurs,so now the MANCS will beat Liverpool.

    Swoosh!!!! WAKE UP

  9. hey swoosh, what kak theory of burnley beat united & liverpool beat burnley so livertwats will win.

    heres one for you. united lost to burnley away from home.livertwats beat burnley at anfield.
    livertwats lost to spurs at white heart lane & united thrashed spurs with 10 man at white heart lane.

    now you tell me WHO'S YOUR DADDY ????


  10. Swoosh, the call with serena was fair. In tennis you get a warning, then all the points get deducted. In this case the slut got deducted a point at match point so she loses. Good riddence to bad rubbish.

    As for the footy, say what u want the Mancs are on fire from the start of the season, so the other clubs must be afraid, be very afraid. Wahwhahwahwhawhahwhahwha!!!

  11. go serena u good thing goMonday, 14 September, 2009

    hey anonymous wats ur problem with Serena, what a babe she is? how powerful she is? u bloody racist?

    what she and venus did to the womens game no one can match? do you know there story from Compton, Calfornia, in the real hood, to achieve what they have is remarkable. give respect where it is due!

  12. serena is awesome!
    serena we love you!
    serena we admire you!

  13. How can you hit the ball into teh umpires face.Of course it warrants a point penalty.
    And its a dignified sport

  14. Hail Josie Ben Ayoun.Good performances from the big boys.When is Scholes going to learn?

  15. The Sports MinisterMonday, 14 September, 2009

    Serena needs to go for Gender Testing!
    Is Caster, Serena in disguise?

    Hey Marty, you remember Magdalena Maleeva, Mary Joe Fernandez, Gigi Fernandez, Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova, Pam Shriver?

  16. diff between PDV n JW is that PDV allows the players 2 make their own decisions n 1 whose not afraid to take a gamble / risk.
    M M.

  17. I agree Serena Williams looks like a man the same applies to Caster 'Haemaphrodite' Semenya.....

  18. Addybigwhore

    M Patel (Big Vehzerz Bro)

  19. Emmanuelle Addygerchodor

    Y Abraham

  20. The only difference between adebayor and midnite is 11:59

    Masee Rajah

  21. Sports Minister

    Do you remember Gabriela Sabatini?

    What about Steffi Graf,Chris Evert,Conchgita Martinez,Martina Hingis,Monica Seles, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario?

  22. Go serena, go get ur eyes tested, serena is a semenya in disguise. Maybe they are good at what they do but for a woman to look like a man is disgusting. If she had more respect for the dignity of other women then I would say she is good and bla bla bla wat wat, but she makes exquisite women like sabatini and so on seem bad. she is not worthy of playing a dignified sport.

  23. Serena is a man Serena is a man

    Caster is a man Caster is a man


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