Friday, September 25, 2009


OPERATION CATCH A CHOW WAS a huge success and on the Eve of Eid we concluded the ops. Thank you to Mr Yunus Chopdat for his Wonderful Donation.With that we were able to buy Wimpy Cheesburger meals and Drinks for the Litys. Mr Chopdat also contributed Cerial,Toiletries,Milk and delicious treats for the litys for Eid Day.
For me personally, to visit the orphanage on the Eve of Eid Day was really sad. It makes you realise how important friends and family is...It makes you understand and appreciate Mohabbet..and it makes you appreciate the concept that today its United We Stand and Divided we fall.Its about those that care that stand next to you...and thats that..Thats all it is
Thank you to everyone involved in OPERATION CATCH A CHOW.
We will still be assisting this place in the future.Anyone that would like to make a contribution or better these kids lives..Please contact me.Below are some of the pics troughout the campaign

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