Sunday, September 27, 2009


All the Weekend Soccer Action Coming up.Updates to follow.Its been a rough weekend.India vs Pakistan, Meeting the reigning thunnie Champions Gknotts and Gminty again and visting a close friend at the hospital. Swoosh0018 wishes Joey "The Swaar" Kadwa a speedy recovery.

Weekly Soccer Round Up
Hail Fernando Torres. I was speaking to couple okes in the week and they insisted that Torres is a shit player. But El Nino put thes buggers to rest....with a sublime hat trick. Many pundits were saying that El Nino is kla and that he is off form etc.But he put in a breathtaking display and Captain Stevie G chipped in as always. But a wortyhy mention has to be the form of Yosi Ben Ayoun.The winger was fantastic yet again. But what a Liverpool performance.THumping Hull 6 .While we at the cricket on the grass in Centurion the Liverpool lads were chanting as loud as the Pakistani fans. Great result, more so as Chelsea lost as well

Chelsea shocked us all with a 3-1 loss to Wigan. Chech getting sent off. A Chelsea loss was good for Liverpool. These things happen I guess, Thats teh way it goes. Drogba was on teh scoresheet again.Im sure Chelsea will bounce back stronger after this defeat

Arsenal got their three points comfortably.And kept a clean sheet and the MANCS ran out 2-0 winners away to Stoke.A good win for Spus also.
More important though are the European games tomorow and Wednesday. The MANCS and Arsenal have it easy but Liverpool are up against the unpredictable Viola as they arrive in Florence without Macherano which means Lucas will be doing duty in midfield

Eveyrone cant wait for the El Classico. They only talking about Real Madrid and Barcelona.Both teams cant stop scoring. Penaltino ,Ibrahimovic....Both teams won on the weekend.

In Serie A all the Big boys fumbled as Inter lost 1-0 to Sampodoria and Milan drew. Juve also f#4ked it up in the end as they drew 1-1 to Bolognia. With big European nights lined up for the Italian teams............The most watering clash is Bayern Munich and Juventus. Big night for Juve and we must beat Bayern at home

By Uncle Bhai Gora

Areh Wah. Dis weekend I was at braai and Unty Gori vas eating dat delicious chop from park butchery in Lenz.
No after long Uncle Salaams Unty Gori invited me.And ay da family say she goes to Town wid da Chops.
Next ting Aunty Gori she start Choking. I vas surprised dat da whole family dey just carry on about deh beeznees and ignore Unty Gori.
About ten minutes later Unty Gori is recovered.
I say Areh Wah.Salaam...Wats wrong wid Gori.
He say UBG Dont Worry.As soon as visitors comes and the pressure is on She start Choking.
Same Braai different date.
She is like South Africa...........same ting different tournament

I say AREH WAH Salaam..Are you CHOH KING......He reckon Im serious
Vy is it dat we whip owes in tours but ve alvays choke in tournaments.
Dah udder day I walked into Sandton Towers and I met Farouk Motala and da Pakistan team.
Areh Wah I had my SA Team kit on and I thot da whole Paki team had Swine Flu.Daye were all choking.I tought Ok Maybe dey ate achaar at Bismillahs.Den I realised dey were mocking me.
I check on Facebook status all da owes are just using da word chokers and many status are saying Boucher shouldnt be in team.

I disagree.Who else ve gonna put deh. Our bowling vas all over da place and ven I spoke to the Massajee (Swoosh0018's Cricketing anylyst) He say Bhai Gora chasing 320 is no problem.If you pace yourself its fine BUT if you throw your weekets away then you asking for trouble,
And dats vat SA did.They threw deh wicket away.
Vun facebook status read
"Graeme Smith is just too much of a drama queen..'the great injured hero who saves the world' thing ain't gonna happen..."
I have to say dat Andrew Strauss is a MUGG for not allowing Smith the time out and option for a Runner.In Sports you must be a sportsman.....
Its totally uncalled for by Strauss. Ven da Englishman come to SA and dey party at teh grand and stuff...And ven dey vant a lady for da nite Ouver MADAMS dont say Sorry ve cant allow you action for da Night....
Andrew Strauss you are a MUGG.
But in da end ve can have so much excuses....Da Klusener Run Out,Da miss calculation and Duckworth Lewis method in 2003, collapsing against Austrailia in last Vorld Cup.
My conclusion is dat Tim Henman has a better chance of vinning Vimbledon even ven he is 70 den SA Cricket team winning a major competion.
So much depth so much talent.......................But dey cant handle da pressure.
And dey get dumped out of teh easier group in da Champions Trophy against England of all People
Vat do readers have to say? And what are your owes opinion on the Smith vs Strauss issue?

Well known Lenasia cricket writer and commentator, Aslam Khota has been recruited by a foreign broadcaster as a commentator for the ICC Champions Trophy tournament that started in Centurion on Tuesday.

Khota will wear two hats as he juggles between local national SABC station, Radio 2000 (99.7fm) and Cricket Radio, an international station specialised for coverage and broadcasting worldwide and on the Internet.

Khota, who will be the lead anchor along with Prakash Wakankar from India, will be in illustrious company as five former captains will be the expert analysts for the duration of the tournament.

Ian Chappell (Australia), Sunil Gavaskar (India), Kepler Wessels (South Africa), Clive Lloyd (West Indies) and Wasim Akram (Pakistan) will be on duty for ESPN TV and will cross-over for their expert analysis to be heard by a world audience.

Cricket fans can tune in and listen to Khota and his regular colleagues, on Radio 2000 and on satellite radio or on the Internet. Another Lenasia voice in Hussain Manack, will be among the analyst on Radio 2000.
Swoosh0018 would like to extend their condolences to the Moosajee Family. Doc Mohamed Moosajee lost his father last week.The Doc is also family. Graeme Smith was asked at the toss against New Zealand about the black arm bands.It was to pay repects to Mooses father.
Swoosh0018 offers condolences and best wishes to the Moosajee Family.

There are many rivalries in sport today. We have Chiefs vs Pirates,Austrailia vs South Africa, Boca Juniors vs River Plate,Fenebache vs Galatasary, Liverpool vs United,Barca vs Madrid,Sugar Ray vs Marvin Hagler, Nadal vs Federer, But nothing compares to India vs Pakistan. Swoosh0018 was at Centurion.We went with a crew of ten strong and it was my first visit to Centurion. I loved it.It was like the freakin Zoo Lake on the grass.Comfortable ,spacious and we were in the Pakistani stronghold so the atmosphere was electric.
It was also my first India vs Pakistan game and the passion was intense.
Guys said that there were lots of trouble and viloence but on our side aside from a few drunk supporters it was all Good. The turning point of the game was the two run outs of Dravid and Ghambir. Malik and Yusuf were classy and it was a great game. I must admit though that after the IPL 50 over games are now like Test Matches.But fantastic to be with the lads and to watch such an intense rivalry.All the action below


1 Swoosh0018 Euro X11 Naseem Mayet 71 71
2 NMFC Naseem Motala 70 70
3 **Devils 11** Yusuf Saloojee 62 62
4 KiLLa.Co.Za Mohammed Mayet 61 61
5 J Boyz Yusuf Mayet 57 57
6 PORN STARS azhar mohamed moola 56 56
7 Istan_POOL Imraan Jalal 55 55
8 Azzuri Boyz ziyaad laher 54 54
8 fc dudhia zahed DUDHIA 54 54
10 Galacticos Riyad Loonat 52 52


  1. Why is Boucher getting so much criticism.He has ben a loyal servant

  2. There were plenty of fights and spiets at the stadium India vs Pak.I heard alot of the trouble came from the main stand

  3. Its not that we dont have the talent.The SA Squad has alot of depth.Talent has got nothing to do with it.Its BMT.We donot have it.
    Its really sad.Everytime we expect so much we get disappointed.Oh well at least the crowd pulling Pakis are still there.


  4. Pakistan Zindabaad, Pakistan Zindabaad.

    Swoosh, el naaier can only score against hull city and stoke and small clubs. Shame, some saudi o wants to buy kak again, somebody must remind him that this livertwats can't make any profit so his investment will go down the drain.

  5. THumping Birmingham 6

    WTF?????????????????????? HULL boeta......

  6. Parnel is quality.he just had a bad tournament

  7. Cricket SA must be regretting their decision to stage all SAs games at Centurion, a track that suited the Sri Lankans.Had Sri Lanka played SA on the bouncy Wanderers wicket Im confident that SA would have come out tops
    No excuses though.We were poor
    Its really disappointing as an SA cricket Fan


  8. In response to the banter on the CBOX.Abdullah is certainly one for the future

    Nothing Wrong Wayne.

  9. Strauss is a MUGG.Smith was correct in saying that the desicions taken to deploy a runner are very inconsistent


  10. Ahmed if you were Strauss.What would you have done.Its his right as Captain to approve or disapprove.Remember it was Struass that called back the Sri Lankan after that run out.
    Smith played a great knock no doubt but as Strauss said if you score 140 odd in a ODI you would naturally be tired

  11. Liverpool Muggs.Tonight you will be slayed in Florence.To the dude above that says Torres can only score against Kuk.Lets see tonight if he delivers

  12. Torres is over rated.Period

  13. The atmosphere between India Pakistan is always top draw.Its about pride.This was a final for both teams.I hope we get and India vs Pakistan Final

  14. Hey Azee.
    Do you remember

    Venkathapty Raju and Woorkeri Raman

    Marty McFly

  15. Does Smith and Arthur deserve to hold their repective positions?

  16. Rather give the coaching job to greats like Mandy Yachad and Clive Rice. Rice had the BMT.
    Remember him against Kim Hughes Aussies

  17. 86/87 at st georges park, rice bowling to kim hughes and edwil van aarde commentating " kaptein na kaptein"

    what memories!

    pravin amre, aqib javed, ejaz ahmed, manoj prabhakar,

    marty mcfly
    "back to the future"

  18. remember the banner at the wanderers" edwil van aarde nee edwil van mars"

  19. Rice destroyed them that day.And what a bowling action the man had

  20. Parnell is rubbish, look at Mohammed Aamer of Pakistan, he knocks the openers and middle order batsmen rather than the tail and he is only 17 years old. A player is labelled a strike bowler coz he must take care of the openers and the middle order, not the tail who can't bat. Just goes to show the mentality of SA supporters.

    Pakistan Zindabaad(T20 Champions).

  21. Wat a team that SA Squad was
    Jennings,Cook,Fothers,Yachad,Leroux,Kourie,Yachad,Kevin Mackenzie,Huge Page,Donald

    Hey Marty Do you remember Alvin Kalicaharan

  22. Milan have Ambrosini as Captain.What has thE great MilAn succumbed to.
    Even Ronaldinho has been pathetic recently

  23. Hey Marty

    What about Corrie van Zyl, Stephen Jeffries and Kenny McEwan!

    You remember when Amm and Rushmere used to open for EP and Sylvester Clarke used to open the bowling for Transvaal!

    Who can ever forget the Fat Aussie Rod McCurdy and John Maguire!

  24. marty and all ur followers, its sad that you hold that all white team in such high regard! have you forgotten that we had to sit separately coz of our colour? is that all a distant memory?
    what about our players who were robbed? they always talk of that sa team and had it not been for isolation what they would have achieved?

    its a disgrace what you guys respect!

  25. Arah Waro.Dont take it out on Sports.
    Yes the past was bad and Yes many of the old folk had to sit in separate sections but thats the past.
    Using your logic than you probably only eating in Fordsburg.
    We respect the decisions of the old folk not to support SA and agreed many of them dont because of what they had to go through.
    But lets focus on the present


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