Sunday, September 06, 2009


Ramadaan has reached its halfway point can you believe and Itikaaf starst on Wednesday.This weekend was spent with the Boys at our favourite Ramadaan joint..Al Makka. Hot sauce sizzlers,chicken tikkas and butter naans.Ay went down I tell you.
Nothing like a good Al Makka

In Rugby the Boks lost, outplayed by the Wallabies actually and can they still win the tri nations,that is the question..Azee ,Seth, Biggy.Hopefully Rugga Bugga comes to the party!
From the little that Rugga Bugga has told me that the Ozzies should beat the Kiwis so the Boks will win the tri nations automatically and he doesnt see the boks winning in New Zealand

And in World Cup Qualifiers there was the Big One...Argentina vs Brazil.
Got home,turned on the telly and watched the actions.
I cant think of it,Argentina not qualifying for South Africa,
Will we not see two of the best players in the World in Ronaldo and Messi.
Flip sake.If the Argees lose to Paraguay its game down
Many critics are slaughtering Maradona for playing an England style 4-4-2 when he has such quality players like Tevez,Millito,Messi,Aguero that he can use in an attacking Trident.Was Maradonas tactics wrong or were Brazil just too good and possessed too much quality.Lucio,Melo,Fabiano and of course Kaka.And thats how Dunga approached Maradona,dominating from midfield and getting the first two on set pieces.That Rocked Argentina.Great one twos but Messi could just not find a way.And when Argentina pulled one back through a belter I thought its game on,but step up Kaka to thread a brilliant through ball for Fabiano to calmly finish.From what I believe if Argentina lose against Paraguay they will not make it to South Africa

In other qualifiers Portygal drew with Denmark and SA is perilously close to not seeing Christiano Ronaldo.The Portuguese community must be devastated. Its a tragedy for the football loving part of South Africa.

France are also in danger after they drew 1-1 againts Romania

Spain were emphatic and as for the Azurri

Well we struggled against a lively Georgea.Lippi was criticised again for not picking Casano.

But the media say it was a dismal Italian performance and Cannavaro has rallied the troops to take the next two games against Bulgaria and Ireland as if they were Finals.

Italy won 2-0 thanks to two own goals from Milans Khaka Kaladze.Did the Milan Mafia pay him Shakes.The Gorgeans were furious.

It was said that if it wasnt two own goals Italy would have not qualified. Lippi also hailed Super Buffon to say that if you have Gigi in the sticks you are sorted.

On the whole though its worrying as we come up against the MANC Bebatov and co.Bulgarians will be tough.If Italy win against the Bulgarians we open a four point gap against Ireland.

Can Cannavaro and Co contain Berbatov and Guiseppe Rossi produce up front.

Im worried.

But Forza Azurri.

We take out Bulgaria on Wednesday.

In friendly action Zee Germans beat Bafana Bafana and I think it was the first and last time Mario Gomez will score again.Rooney was cited as a Diver as England won 2-1 against Slovenia. It was because he was a Manchester United player hes diving flaw came out.

Wednesday night are big qualifiers and most of them will deermine who comes to South Africa come 2010


  1. argies will still make it. they are 4th at the moment and even if they come 5th they still go through the additional qualifying phase.

  2. The Argies have to make it coz 2010 is theirs. So don't worry, those that win confeds cup won't win world cup. It always happens, possibly cameroon will beat brazil.

    The Argies will display a huge performance against paraguay hopefully!!!!!!

  3. The all blacks have to win both their games with bonus points in order to win the tri nations. I just cant see them scoring 4 tries against us in wellington where it should be rainy and miserable like normal. The boks were outclassed by the wallabies and we were lucky we didnt catch a bigger hiding. There were at least 3 try saving last ditch tackles by our boys that saved us from embarrasment.

  4. Hey Swoosh

    Where are all the Barca Messi fans? They talk big about him being great and running the show but he can't do sh*t for the Argies! He is weak just like Ronaldo at the Porra's!

    The true leaders of Barca are Xavi and Iniesta! Without Iniesta Spain were hopeless at the Confed Cup! They should share the World Footballer of the Year, not the wannabe Maradona - Messi!

  5. Maradona looked like an absolute lost case in the Brazil game. He has some of hte best footballers at his disposal & they struggling to hold onto 4th place, its a joke!!

    Richie De Laet

  6. Maradonna as the coach of Argentina. Now thats a joke. He is but a coke head.

    Would you let Mad Lols be the coach of Lesco?

    blow ho


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