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Now in Football,The Legends will always be Legends, Platini,Cryuff,Beckenbauer,Pele,Maradona and many others…But in football the game goes on and up steps the Ronaldos and Messis and Xavis and Torres but to name a few.
Can the same be said about Thunnie and Wits.

Even though myself Swoosh can still not play the game I knopw what it meant to the lads.It was a game of the people, To give someone a dishing or punishment as its refered to was a BIG THING.
It rounded off a sublime day off Akals and Movies and doing f#4kall on Campus…and it was played well in my time by Greats of the Game.
In life there were so many famous duos or partners….Asterix and Obelix, Laurel and Hardee, Punch and Baker,Starsky and Hutch, We can far as Villa and Torres.
Puttners who you shared a bond and telepathy with.You know his moves, You know his strengths and you know his wealkness.Thunnie in my time at Wits comprised of great duos….Guys who knew the game.Guys who dished out punishment and rarely collected……It was also about IZZET…and when Izzet is involved…the competiton is fierce.In my time there were the Garinchas and Cruffs of the game, the Rivilinos,Maldinis, Giggs and Barnes, Platini and of course the Maradona and Pele of my time Ridwaan (pronounced Rid One) and Shaka….probably the most synonymous names in Thunnie at Wits.And as mentioned there were great duos ..Im gonna name a few…Mollies and Ballie,Nislin and Sivaneson,Willem and Mazzolls, Berlaal and Lity,Saliem and Kavier, Big Mo and Zubair or Momo and Zubair,…….and as the years filted on there were the owes and chics that rose to Serie A,.,…aka East Campus…Joe Moola and Charloh, Azee and Dajee and the trekking of the camel, Zee Mayet and Waseem Koor,Riyad and Ghalieb,Tasneem and Zakiyya, Ayesha Gani and Zakiyyah who caused a few upsets in their time and of course GKNOTTS AND GMINTY,Still the reighning Champions..You can throw names around…..Guvee,Talia,Junkee,Chiktay,Beard Bhumjee…they could all hold there own when it mattered
West was regarded as a Nationwide league but still produced some calibre owes..Mombai and the likes.
The East Campus canteen was like Wembley and the stairs was the Nou Camp.
Those were the days.
The Questuion is………Has THIS Hallowed Sport died today.Where are the Ronaldos and Messis and Xavis.Is THE STANDARD UP TO PAR. I went to Wits yesterday after years to sort out some stuff for my sister and it made my heart bleed to see the condition of the sport.Maybe it was Ramadaan.

When I spoke to Uncle Bhai Gora at Wits, UBG is a graduate ofmany degrees and Masters and doctrates of Wits .The last time he cried like this when the Quagga became extinct

Last week in Jmos Im met the Great Shaka….and I mentioned to him about the demise of Thunnie.He shook his head .I told him about Ridones interview and he said He rembers that as one of the greatest moments or moves his ever seen his puttner play. I leave you with an extract of the interview..pertaining the move
"swoosh: You played against many greats in ur time and its a priviledge to have ur interview. Talk us through the punishment you guys dished out in your time. The standard was high. Zoobair & Momo, Nielan & Sivaneson, Saleem & Kaveer,Naiker, Mollies & Ballie, Chictay,Berlal & Lity, Big Moh, Mazolls, Willem, Junky. I mean these owes were big at the time? I know the Corvadia brews told me alot of times that they punished Rid One & Shaka
rid-one: The Coovadia brus punished us many times – pity it was all in their dreams. I used to dream of Ferraris and naked women. Shaka used to dream of qualifying as a vet. The Coovadias used to dream of beating us in Thunee.
The 1st punishment me and the great Shaka ever dished out was to ou Nizaam from Pietersburg. I finessed his 9-pair with my Jack/Ace by playing my ace and drawing out his pair. Then used my jack to steal his 9. He was flabbergasted since he never knew of such a finess move. Next game he had a nine pair again. I pulled with ace. He thought I was trying to finess him again, so he put his 9. Only this time shaka had the Jack. Few weeks later he admitted that he was so intimidated that he NEVER wanted to play us again.
Another memorable event was giving Zubair "You'll never 20 kanak me" Coovadia his 1st taste of a 20 kanak. He ended up getting 5 that week.Molis, Dean, Sivanesan and Neesalin were very intimidating to play against. Momo was the master cheat in setting and stealing. Big Mo had a huge presence on the game."
For Ridones full interview
So I ask the question.To the owes post 2003 reading this blog.Have you killed this sport…or do you think you could ever play at the level that once was.Are there any Messis and Ronaldos out there.?
And to the lads from my time.
If you had to go into battle tmoroow Who will you take alongside you?
Who were the owes that you punished most in your time?
Can the litys of today be like the greats.


  1. Yes it is

    Fayyaaz Loonat

  2. its all your fault swoosh: u shudda never left wits :P

    Shafinaz Hassim

  3. But it will forever live on at tuks...:)

    Ahmed Jamaal Tuks

  4. Hmmm, I cant comment about the present except to say that if it is, its a sad, sad loss to the Wits experience.

    Atiya Mosum

  5. Ahmed Jammal Bha
    Let me tell you something.
    Venue:Swoosh0018 Charity Fun Day 2007 at Zoo Lake.
    World Cup of Thunnie was supposed to happen.It didnt.Anyways Two of tukkies finest arrived and we had an Izzet Challenge.Tukkies present..two lities vs Wits Legends Waseem Koor and Berlal.
    Our owes were banging cards and wiping the Tukkies lads.
    Was a great moment of the game.

    Also although Ive never played a memmorable moment for me was when myslef and Louie held the Swoosh & Louie Tunnie tournament which started out in a packed Wits East Campus Canteen in 2000.
    Gknotts and his puttner under pressure. Gknotts's hand shaking and contemplating whether to put down the card.

    Italy are the 2006 World Cup Champions.Gknotts and Gminty are still the reigning Champions by law

  6. Lol may i ask who th tuks guys were? I mean, i dint compete. Surely that would make a difference lol

    Ahmed Jamaal

  7. The Litys of today will never live up to the standard that was set.
    95-02 was an era of greats

  8. Oh yes.....
    And I have to mention a great moment of seeing my Marketing 111 colleague Dajee lighting a camel with his puttner Azee ready to dish Talia and the Guvhee.

    Great moment

    Do you remember Gatuss

  9. 95 was a gr8 yr swoosh. I think if you added all the subjects that our crowd did, I think the record spoke for itself as to how much fun we had. 40 subject and only i think about 4 passes. correct me if I'm wrong. What a year 95 was.

  10. Ja, but it was like this everywhere from 93-02. Durbz, PMB, CT. I think this era was the last unless it is revived somehow. Their is no more barkat in time or the lities timers are keeping a stricter check on their lities or maybe the lities are not interested in campus, unisa is the way.

    Sad though, coz this is what made campus enjoyable especially when it was played when YOUR lecture was on and u were sitting on the grass and playing thunnie.

  11. Hey Swoosh

    You remember the time Berlaal attacked Ridone and Shaka with a chair in the canteen? He was upset about getting "PUNISHED!"

  12. Baboo Bhai from BathalTuesday, 08 September, 2009


    The problem with todays lities is that they cutting other things @ Campus rather than cutting Jacks

  13. the tamil okes were the kings of thunnie!

    tamil tiger

  14. Punisher have u ever no call kanucked some one?

    the real punisher




  17. Momo and Zubear.difficult to beat

  18. What shit is this.There are lities on Wits that would beat the old guys or so called legends.
    Who is Ridone & Shaka?

    Youth is splendour

  19. PUNISHER,Those were the days.Who did you puinish the worst in your time.Is what Rid One says true?

  20. How did nots and minty ever become champions.Who did they beat on route to the final

  21. Swoosh these litys will never compare.
    In the days owes were marling in restaurants and cinemas.Such was the passion.
    Todays litys are talkers.
    Oh what a feeling it would be to wush some of them

    The Garfield Sobers of Thunnie at Wits

  22. haha, i think for those owens to still be the champs they should have come on a yearly basis and challenged the winners of the thunnie tournaments, nowadays we got new champions ...

  23. The guys are right. thunnie at wits campus has started to die, there are no more players or people who are willing to learn and play the game. i would theres maybe about 3 guys on wits campus who know how to play well and punish oppositions, the wits students know who i am talking about.

  24. Well look...Youl get the has beens always claiming that they were champs and still are champs in the legendry game-Thunnie..Come on u 'older' lads,you okes at work,lamenting on your days at campus and how you okes kanaked and so on..I am currently a 3rd year at wits,i might have not seen th days of pre 2003,but let me tell you,wits currently has the likes of ronaldo and messi...You cant walk th field 7 years ago and claim youl win the champions league this year..


  25. No idea, but that was the good old days. Early morning, toasted chelsi, coffee, a few smokes and thunnie :)

    Khalid Maal

  26. Swoosh - Rid One is a big mouth, that's all. The last time you challenged him to come to the Swoosh day at the Zoo lake, he refused to come. That says it all. Al far as the chair incident goes, it is a figment of RidOne's imagination. Sensationalising his so called bald youth

    Hey Swoosh, you remember how many subjects you passed when you toppie went for umrah at the end of 95?

  27. Even though knotts and minty were champions... They still haven't many to beat till they can prove it... West campus tunnie still happens... Its on like donkey kong nowadays... But the people haven't really seen champions of the game... I mean guys who are really good at it... Raadiya khan(she won the tournament),yaaseen mohamed,rameez latif,waseem thokan,joe amla, moe mayet(green eyes),other moe mayet,chris,humphrey,ryan, raeesa bob,laila essop,shuaib gaibee,jibu... Maybe knotts and minty should have a crack at them...

  28. the sport will forever live on.. knotts and minty were pawns for a bigger picture.. and yes i've no call kunacked, 20k'd and reversed k'd (50;20) some of the best at wits.. i also wana know how minty and knotts became so great.. they got no-call k'd.. i havent even had that dishonour!

    contemporary maaler

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