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 For the 2006 World Cup in Germany, FIFA implemented the World Cup Trophy Tour. For the 2010 World Cup FIFA in association with Coca Cola one of it’s Official Partners is going even bigger with the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour. The tour began on September 21 2009 and will continue for 225 days till 4 May 2010 where it will end in South Africa, host nation of the 2010 World Cup.

In total the tour will visit 86 countries and 89 cities. Free tickets will be given out at each city so that millions of fans around the World can partake and view FIFA’s greatest prize.

Currently the World Cup Trophy tour is based only in Africa as the World Cup takes place in Africa. On the 3rd of December the trophy will arrive in Cape Town just before the Official World Cup 2010 Tournament Draw takes place.

The remaining cities that the trophy will visit in Africa are:

17 Tuesday Kenya Nairobi
18 Wednesday Kenya Nairobi
19 Thursday Somalia Mogadishu
20 Friday Tanzania Dar es Salaam
21 Saturday Tanzania Dar es Salaam
22 Sunday Seychelles Victoria
23 Monday Comoros Moroni
25 Wednesday Mauritius Port Louis
26 Thursday Madagascar Antananarivo
27 Friday Zimbabwe Harare
28 Saturday Malawi Lilongwe
29 Sunday Mozambique Maputo
30 Monday Swaziland Mbabane

December 1 Tuesday Lesotho Maseru

3 Thursday South Africa Cape Town

From January 2010 The Tour will move abroad to the rest of the World. Details of the individual cities that will be visited are as follows:

FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola Global Route
17 Sunday Korea Seoul
20 Wednesday Vietnam Hoi Chi Minh
23 Saturday Thailand Bangkok
26 Tuesday Indonesia Jakarta
29 Friday Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

2 Tuesday New Caledonia Noumea
7 Saturday Brazil Rio de Janeiro
9 Tuesday Brazil Sao Paulo
12 Friday Chile Santiago
15 Monday Argentina Buenos Aires
18 Thursday Peru Lima
21 Sunday Venezuela Caracas
24 Wednesday Panama Panama City
27 Saturday Honduras Tegucigalpa

2 Tuesday Mexico Monterrey
5 Friday Mexico Mexico City
9 Tuesday Ireland Dublin (TBC)
12 Friday United Kingdom London
15 Monday France Paris
18 Thursday Sweden Stockholm
21 Sunday Russia St. Petersburg
24 Wednesday Ukraine Donetsk
27 Saturday Slovakia TBC
30 Tuesday Croatia Zagreb

2 Friday Serbia Belgrade
5 Monday Italy Rome
8 Thursday Romania Bucharest
11 Sunday Greece Athens
15 Thursday Turkey Istanbul
18 Sunday Kazakhstan Almaty
21 Wednesday India Calcutta
25 Sunday Japan Tokyo
29 Thursday Canada Toronto

2 Sunday USA TBC
4 Tuesday South Africa TBC



In Africa, Nigeria & Cameroon joined Ghana & Ivory Coast as the qualified nations for the 2010 World Cup. Nigeria managed to beat Kenya 3-2 after being down 1-0 with 20 minutes to go while Cameroon beat Morocco 2-0 to ensure they qualified. The final available spot for Africa will be finalised on Wednesday as a 95th minute goal gave Egypt the 2-0 victory they needed over Algeria to force a playoff at a neutral venue, being Sudan, on Wednesday. After pre match drama with the Algerian Team Bus being attacked on Friday and 3 players being injured, the game took place and a very late stoppage time goal from Egypt has led to a playoff between the 2 teams as both teams finished on equal points, equal goal difference and equal goals scored.

New Zealand beat Bahrain 1-0 to qualify from the Oceania/Asia Playoff.

Uruguay got a vital winning goal taking a 1-0 lead over Costa Rica into the 2nd leg played in Uruguay.

All of the European playoff ties are still open with no convincing results being achieved. The French are perhaps in the best position with Nicholas Anelka scoring the only goal of the game to give France a 1-0 away lead against Ireland. Russia led 2-0 against Slovenia for most of the match before Slovenia snatched a late away goal to give themselves the advantage. Greece and the Ukraine played to a goalless draw while Portugal only managed a narrow 1-0 victory at home against Bosnia.



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