Monday, November 16, 2009


This is probably the shortest post I have written. PDV has lost two out of two.
I just have one question for Azee Moolla.
What is that Frenchmans nam with the Big beard and Long hair?
Comments on the Boks in Europe

Welcome DR Cricket to the Blog. On Super Tuesdays Swoosh0018 has incited young writers to send in their pieces. And in Dr Cricket we have a young lad,Indian ,connected in the cricketing cirlcle and loves the game. Welcome to the blog Dr Cricket.We looking forward to your posts.This is your Show,

By Uncle Bhai Gora
Speaking of cricket Bosman and Smith made up for the Duckworth Lewis blunder Again by pounding England on Sunday. I mean SA mOEred the English.But why is it that we always suffer at the hands of Duckworth Lewis. Is it the Duckworth Lewis method or the Anti SA method.Remember how DL f#4ked us in the World Cup in Durbs against Sri Lanka.
And still we dont learn. What is the problem, Is it bad coaching.Does Mickey Arthur and Smith sleep during the rain. What is it.
UGB SAYS that Goolams law is our parody for the Duckworth Lewis Method.
Why.? Because they always there to f#4k us. Thats it.Its that Simple.
From now on ,on the blog its no more the Duckworth Lewis Method.Its the Goolam and Essoep method? So DL becomes GE.
Like how GE haunts owes in SA, DL haunts SA Cricketers.
I mean UBG says imagine a SA Cricketer is busy on the job with a loved one. And Imagine the chic says If you dont finish your three rounds on time,According to the Duckworth Lewis method........You F#4ked either way.

Eish...He will be shaking in his boots.
 UBG recalls a incident when he visited  Alan Border in 93.Border gave him an intro to a hot Ozzie chic. Anyway UBG pumped some Salusa 45 and was going at it. No time limit.So he was taking his time, foreplay,kajoor, etc. Next thing the chic gets a call...and has to leave and she asks UBG...."Where you from.?" UBG says SA....She takes out a calculator and says...Ok In that Case You owe me three rounds in 15 seconds. UBG says Areh Wah.....
Thats like getting 20 runs in one ball....Areh Wah...UBG phones Kepler Wesels and said Kepler I know you a putter but what did you do in 1992. And Keppler replied
Duckworth Lewis my son.He always f23ks us.
Anyways it wasnt all doom and gloom......UBG pulled up his trousers and said Sweetheart What is this now. She reckon....This is not a 5 day Test Bhai Gora,
In the week UBG MET HER in the parking lot and got into the car and started Belting away. No playing around ,No forplay No Nothing.
She asked what is this.....UBG said PRO 20 my darling. UBG also ate some Kajoor after round one.The Chic said Oooh la la,,What you doing now.....UBG said its the POWER PLAY...Im taking it now...and started klapping
He then went to the ICC, met with officials and PRO 20 Cricket was born...
So techniacally it was UBG that invented THE IPL and It was UBG that inspired Lalit Modi and it was UBG that entertains us.....with this type of cricket.
I mean after all ,the fans wear Hard protect from heavy hitting


By Dr Cricket

As seen in the current series against England in South Africa questions that have previously being asked are showing extremely prevalent about Mark Bouchers role as Wicket Keeper in the South African Squad. Already suitors for this position are being looked at and four men have been short listed to take up the thrown.

To everybody the most realistic and obvious choice would be Ab de Villiers. Ab adds depth to the squad as he is a highly talented & capable top order batsmen and therefore Boucher’s position could be replaced with another batsmen or a all rounder making the team stronger. However Ab has made it quite clear that he has no intention on taking up the gloves as he believes that he has the potential to be the world’s best batsmen and fielder he would like to concentrate on that.

The other three suitors to do the glove work are Heino Kuhn, Morne van Wyk and Craig Kieswetter. All of these men boost impressive cv’s too and could hold themselves equally as well Ab......

heino getting a run out against eng in the 2nd

Heino Kuhn, the man at the moment looking as the most likely successor has been earmarked by CSA-for this job. He has been given a chance to be around and part and parcel at the at the odi: & T20 squad for this Summers series against England. He has been considered as the long-term successor to Mark Boucher. Kuhns betting has helped him as far as National selection is concerned, his domestic record is a good one in all forms of cricket showing consistency for the last 3 seasons for Titans. His glove work is no slouch either. But.....If Kuhn thinks he is guaranteed the job he should think again as Morne & Craig are in persuit too, Morne who has had a taste of International cricket with 6 ODI’s and 2 T20’s could very well be holing up the gloves come next year, however when selector’s do decide they will take into account his lack to play against big teams and his age nearing 31.

Craig Kieswetter led Somerset's chase with 81, Hampshire v Somerset, Pro40, The Rose Bowl, September 13

Craig Kieswetter a young up and coming wicket keeper who was part of the under 19SASquad in the 2006 Malaysian World Cup. Kieswetter who is of Afrikaans and Scottish heritage has opted to play in the EnglandCountry Circuit and is now a kolpak player (meaning that he could be eligible in 2011 for England) has been pilling up the runs on the country circuit and is being eyed by England and also by Graeme Smith and Mickey Artur. This young talent has shown tremendous ability with the gloves and also has the key ingredient of youth making him a front runner for the job. His ability to get big runs can boost the Proteas batting line up. This man seems as a favourite to me however the decision of him coming back to South Africa lays on his shoulders. People in England cricket say that he could be the next Kevin Pieterson, he should come back home if he gets a call up for South Africa, the same as what happened to Ryan Mclarren and Charl Langerveld.
An outsider from these four is Andrew Puttick who came up the ranks with Graeme Smith and Rudolf. He was given time to be with the squad but now looks like an outsider for this job.

Craig Kieswetter led Somerset's chase with 81, Hampshire v Somerset, Pro40, The Rose Bowl, September 13
Looking back on these talented wickey’s its anyone’s guess who will be the man behind the stumps, but in my opinion I tip Kieswetter to take the hot seat...but failing his arrival Heino Kuhn will be the man with the plan....I’m sure one of these 2 men will emulate or if not surpass Mark Boucher’s achievements, they both have extraordinary talent and youth. It’s only going to be a matter of time that they will be called to the squad. As a South African I have no worries as to a replacement because we have a talented pool to choose from

DR CRICKET...........


Gallardos,Ferraris and Super Cars .I was at the launch of Supercar Club. Mingling with the badaams and enjoying the fabulous food,entertainment and sheer classiness of the launch, Puffing away at Mont Christos whilst viewing and scoping out some of the amazing cars on offer by Super Cars Club. Celebrities,TV Crews and media were all present in this glittering Launch Party.There was no stone unturned and the function,decor and style paid hommage o these wonderful machines.

I also had an exclusive chat with owner Faiyaz Alibhai who is also a close friend and one of the boys.
Its good to see when a member of your crew has achieved success and is living the dream.
Supercar Club is a passion and a Lifestyle.
Good luck Supercar Club and Swoosh0018 wishes you all the best
For more info check out the website

Many Liverpool fans are saying Should Rafa stay or should he Go!
That leaves us our quote of the week

"Rafa is like a blocked toilet,The more you flush it,the more shit comes out"-Zahier Talia

And Mike Gani sent me an article that should answer these questions

The truth behind Benitez

By Norman Hubbard

He has won the Champions League, but only one of his last nine fixtures. He still appears adored by many on the Kop, but is derided by still more on messageboards and phone-ins. He is one of the most divisive figures in football. But how many of the criticisms commonly levelled at Rafa Benitez stand up to analysis?

1. Benitez practises a rotation policy

Once this was unarguable. The 2-0 win against Fulham in November 2007 was the first time in exactly 100 games that the Liverpool manager named an unchanged team. Now, however, the picture is very different. Jose Reina, Lucas Leiva and Dirk Kuyt have started every Premier League game this season. Emiliano Insua has only missed one. Glen Johnson and Jamie Carragher were ever-presents until injury and suspension respectively ended their runs in the team. And few question the places occupied by Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres in the manager's plans.

2. Benitez prioritises Europe over the Premier League

It was an allegation voiced by the former Liverpool midfielder Ronnie Whelan recently. It is another that had some truth initially. In the last 18 months, however, there can be little doubt that Benitez's views have changed and there is a recognition that his reputation depends in part upon winning the Premier League. The weakest side he has fielded this season, at Fulham, had far less to do with the proximity of the trip to Lyon than injuries and illness that ruled out Gerrard, Johnson, Daniel Agger, Martin Skrtel, Albert Riera, Fabio Aurelio, Alberto Aquilani and Martin Kelly.

3. He has signed a lot of players and too few have succeeded

That is definitely true. In total, 76 have arrived at Anfield during his five-and-a-half years at the helm. Of those, 38 - in this observer's estimation - were not initially signed as first team players. A few, such as Insua, have become regulars; others - Dani Pacheco, Krisztian Nemeth, Daniel Sanchez Ayala, Mikel San Jose, Peter Gulacsi - are sufficiently young that they may yet emulate the Argentine. Many more of those 38, however, have already left Anfield, often as anonymous as when they arrived (Godwin Antwi and Besian Idrizaj, for instance).

The other 38 include 19 members of the current first team squad. Of those who have come and gone, five - Xabi Alonso, Luis Garcia, Alvaro Arbeloa, Momo Sissoko and Peter Crouch - justify being called successes. A further four - Scott Carson, Robbie Fowler, Craig Bellamy and Jermaine Pennant - produced mixed returns. The remaining 10 - Antonio Nunez, Josemi, Fernando Morientes, Mauricio Pellegrino, Bolo Zenden, Jan Kromkamp, Mark Gonzalez, Gabriel Paletta, Sebastian Leto and Robbie Keane - can safely be said to have failed. However, Benitez is entitled to argue that he made profits on several and that only Keane and Morientes ranked as expensive additions.

4. He has spent a lot of money

In the wider scheme of things, that is certainly correct. A total of £229 million is certainly substantial. It is, however, less than Manchester City's outlay in the last three transfer windows and little more than Chelsea's expenditure in the first 13 months after Roman Abramovich's takeover. It also excludes the money raised by selling players: around £118 million, meaning that, in six summers, his average spend is under £20 million. Whatever George Gillett and Tom Hicks insist, Benitez made a £12 million profit in January while his summer dealings only cost £2 million after the proceeds of the sales. In assessing the biggest buys, there is invariably the question of where the line is drawn, but of the 10 costliest, two - Aquilani and Johnson - are too soon into their Anfield careers to assess; three - Keane, Ryan Babel and Andrea Dossena - have disappointed; and five - Torres, Mascherano, Alonso, Crouch and Kuyt - have flourished.

5. Liverpool haven't improved under Benitez

Benitez is entitled to argue that he started from a lower base than their three principal rivals. In Gerard Houllier's final season, 2003-04, Liverpool amassed 60 points (30 fewer than Arsenal, 19 less than Chelsea and putting them 15 behind Manchester United). In Benitez's first year, they took 58 (37 behind Chelsea, 25 less than Arsenal and leaving them 19 adrift of Manchester United). It supports the argument that he inherited a substandard squad overloaded with deadwood. Last season, Liverpool ended with 86 points. That indicates a considerable improvement. However, with 19 points from 12 games thus far this campaign, they are only on course for 60. Does that mean they have progressed and then regressed?

6. Benitez fails as a man-manager

Separately, Torres, Gerrard and Carragher have all said that they struggle to think of conversations with Benitez that weren't about football. It suggests he is only interested in footballers as players, rather than as people. Alonso's departure this year can certainly be attributed to Benitez's attitude during his attempts to sell his fellow Spaniard the previous summer. Yet if Benitez's methods do not make him the next Harry Redknapp, the moaners have generally been those who did not feature regularly and many of his players, past and present, have produced the best form of their careers under him. And they include, in Gerrard, Torres, Carragher, Alonso, Reina and Mascherano, the leading players at Anfield in that time.

7. His interference harms players

It was a complaint voiced by Pennant, who said he was frustrated by his manager's continual presence on the touchline, forever conveying orders. Benitez could respond that his attention to detail has been responsible for some of his tactical triumphs and that tinkering with his players' positions has had benefits. Under Houllier, Carragher was normally deployed at full-back and Gerrard was sometimes the deepest man in midfield. Converting both to new roles has been justified.

8. He is a poor judge of a striker

It is an argument that gathers weight every time Andriy Voronin is on the pitch and one that is used against Benitez whenever Crouch, Keane or Bellamy scores. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that the two Tottenham forwards made their exit in part because the success of the Gerrard-Torres axis limited their opportunities, a fate that might have befallen Michael Owen had Benitez opted to bring him back to Anfield. Bellamy's exit, which has been lamented rather more in the past two months than during the previous two years, helped finance the signing of Torres. While there have been striking failures, notably Morientes, Benitez moved for Torres when others appeared unsure of his quality.

9. His is a two-man team

Liverpool did beat Manchester United 14 months ago in a match that neither Gerrard nor Torres started, but they slumped more recently at Sunderland when both were absent. Players of the calibre of Carragher, Kuyt, Reina and Mascherano could dispute that oft-heard analysis. What may be truer to say is that when Liverpool's captain and top scorer are missing, there is a reliance on Yossi Benayoun for invention. And what is probable is that most teams, to some degree or another, are dependent upon their two premier attacking talents.

10. Benitez is a defensive manager

It is another one to irritate the Liverpool manager. His preference for two holding midfielders, which was apparent from his time in Spain, is well known and helps account for Gerrard's berth further forward. But whereas there was a time when Liverpool were far from prolific - they only mustered 57 league goals in the 2006-07 campaign, for instance - they outscored Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal to end up with 90 last year.

11. The team miss Xabi Alonso

Gerrard has admitted it and few would dispute it. But until Aquilani is available on a regular basis, it remains to be seen just how much Liverpool will miss the Basque playmaker in the long term.


  1. Boucher,Kallis and Gibbs time has come.
    Let the younger boys step up

  2. True.Xabi was the link in teh Liverpool Chain.
    Without him we lack that composure in midfield.
    It is blatant guys.I mean Xabi or Lucas?

  3. Hey Killa

    Do you remember the Dortmund hard man Matthias Sammer

    Marty McFly

  4. Hey Dr Cricket.
    SwoOsh says you a young Lad.Fair Enough.
    Do you remember great wicket keepers like
    Jack Russel, the man that wouldnt go away,
    Kiran More
    Moin Khan,Rashid Latiff,Ian Healy,Ian Smith,Ray jennings,Noel Day,Dave Richardson,Richie Ryall,Dave Williams,and our very own Nick Pothas

    Anybody Home.Marty McFly

  5. Hey Marty.What about great brothers in the wickets
    Steve and Mark Waugh,Peter and Kirsten,The Flower brothers from Zim and the Mills broers from New Zealand.

    Dr Cricket or Marty. What was the name of the man that represented Northern Transval in both cricket and rugby?

  6. Fresh Rumours that Macherano pens deal with barcelona next season

  7. any comments on the national anthem sung in France?

    They should have rather given the mike to PDV.


  8. Hey Marty

    Wat bout Lars Ricken and KH Riedle and how they destroyed Juventus

  9. It was the late great Gebrand Grobler who played for Northerns cricket and rugby. He moved to the Lions and won a Currie Cup with us!
    Only oke to have won Curie Cup cricket and rugby!

    Errol Stewart played in both but never won both!

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