Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I put on my facebook status that the MANCS are losing. I am convinced that the Ghosts Of Munich come down on hallowed nights at Old Trafford.I mean how else can it happen. An own goal at the death.Its the Ghosts I tell you. I always say it and it was said to me by a Man Utd Fan from the Man Utd Suppporters Club.....
United 3-1 down and they come back 3-3.
What ,When,How.It has to be the Ghosts.It has to.
Effenberg and Kuffor Cry when this happens Azee.
And the MANCS get a point and are well on their way....to the next stage

Great win for Juve in terms of the group as they beat Macabi Haifa 1-0.Not convincing but 3 BIg Points. Next we host Bayern and then Bordeoux.
That leaves Bayern Munich on 4 and Juve on 7. So if we beat Bayern we are through. Its a tough group. If we lose against Bayern then the game in France is Do or Die.

In the San Siro Milan and Real Madrid drew in a big clash. 1-1 it stayed and the two clubs should navigate their way through to the next phase.
Has Kaka suffered the curse of Madrid.When he was at Milan he caused Mayhem.Tonight he looked pretty ordinary.

And Chelsea earned a point as the Drog made his comeback and netted two only for Aguero to equalise later on.

And its off to the Do ir Die Clash for Liverpool against Lyon tomorow night. its big.......I wont jinx it.Let tomorow arrive


  1. so the liverpool faithful are happy cos united are down by 3 goals to 1. they contemplate sms'n the manc supporters or even calling them.BUT , they realise that it isn't wise, cos liverpool still have to play lyon. even if united lose to cska, they can still make it from needing 1 point in the next 2 games.

    but, cometh the hour, cometh VIS KOPOUT.he called me, he laughed , he made fun....& that my friends was the beginning of the scouser badluck !!!

    united came back & VIS KOPUT didnt answer his phone after that.

    "go" VIS KOPOUT

  2. Sheer class how we came back Swoosh and his Ghosts of Munich theory utter rubbish we were just the better team to earn a draw...

    Swoosh worry about the game tonight coz trust me u will be receiving phone calls and do answer ur phone dont switch it off please and that goes to all u pool fans dont be like moffies and hide when u lose.

    When u guys beat us we took the slagging and banter like men so do the same


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