Tuesday, November 03, 2009


On Tuesday evenings there is no better feeling than belting the ball. Last night I slugged it out and got some tips from Mo Canada.First set I was competitive.Second set he bombed  me off the court. But great feeling to get back on the courts again and slug it out with the lads. You have to be on top of your game here..anything short or soft and its curtains.So still struggling but getting there. Was good to get a Doubles Work out playing with Mo Canada as well.But I was creamed 6-3 ,6-1 lol.And fitness....ay dont talk

But for me I was devastated when Agassi admitted that he had consumed Crystal meth or Tik Or Cat....in 1997 when he was on a slump. The revelation has shocked tennis stars both former and present. The ATP are in the Dog Box for throwing the case out in which Agassi lied and said his drink was spiked.
Ok it wasnt performance enhancing Drugs but this has threw the sport into a loop especially since the revelation comes from a Champion. Why did Agassi admit now.Should he have kept quiet. Is it Good for the sport. Comments please.

Any idiotic and childish comments will be deleted. What are your views?


  1. Swoosh, Agassi could never win a grand slam and it was only after Lendl and Becker and Edberg were on the last lap that Agassi really became a figure head. However, what he has won he did it deservedly and patiently. I am not saying that everyone must now experiment with these kind of drugs but it could not have had a very big effect on his game. His technique and style suited the modern day game.

  2. Swoosh, what racket is that you using? looks like jimmy connors gave it to you?

    One question for you, do you think any player in their late 20's or early 30's can make it as a pro?

  3. Lol..Its Donnay Pro one.

    If Symcox can make it at 35.Why not!

  4. Its Americas and the Worlds Cup of Coffee.Everybody is doing it

  5. I feel apart from Federer,Nadal,Roddick and Djokovic.The game lacks characters.Before there were characters and personalities. Each of them bringing a spark to the game.
    Hey Marty Do you rememeber.
    Edberg,Becker,Chang,Ivanisivic,Courier,Stich,our own Wayne Ferreira,bruguera,samprass,kraijeck,connors,macenro,lendl,wilander,leconte,Guy Forget
    And Agassi id one of the few that has won a slam on every surface

  6. Ja, tennis is a very specialised sport, not many people play it coz it requires the most amount of skill.

  7. Ivan Lendl was my role model.
    The man worked extremely hard and was an iron man.His game and fitness and a backhand probably better than Federers when on song.
    Lendl was pure bliss to watch on the court

  8. Hey Marty

    What about Piet Norval and Christo Van Rensburg and when Kevin Curren was blasted of the court by Boom Boom Becker

  9. Check out this nice article :

    Admitting that he was on the crystal meth, though, was a shock, even if he had tested positive for the drug at the time. Then he lied to the ATP, waited the correct amount of time so that any prosecution or action could not be taken against him and released an autobiography.

    The question is obvious: Why? Not why did he take crystal meth because he was anxious about his upcoming marriage to Brooke Shields (yeah, dude, getting hitched to the girl from the Blue Lagoon and those Calvin Klein jean ads is sooooo stressful. Hmmm, I wonder if he got her to say the line: "Nothing comes between me and my Calvin Kleins". Still gives me goosebumps).

    But why has he released this book now? What, exactly, does he want from it? He's stinking rich, he's married to Steffi Graf (broke my heart, that did) and he's in good health.

    Does he want our sympathy? Does he want us to tell him it's all okay? That we understand why he took the drugs, because getting to sleep with Brooke Shields made him a little flakey?

    His admission that he "hated tennis" jars, particularly when he earned more than $30-million from the sport and milked the crowds at the US Open and Wimbledon bowing to all four corners of the stadium, blowing kisses and then crying.

    Perhaps he's in therapy and this is the last big step in his treatment/confession, sympathy and a "there, there Andre, it'll be okay". Or perhaps he has admitted to taking drugs to explain just why he went out with Barbara Streisand. He wasn't in his right mind.

    Yeah, that sounds about right, actually.

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