Sunday, November 01, 2009


After flighting last weeks Mafia picture of Rafa ,He has been sent for. But hey thats the way it goes.Thats the industry and thats the Mafia.
In the cruel underworld they dont care of how many men you put away,The Bosses just want their money.If you F#24k UP then you are gone.After blessed by the Don of the family of Anfield for that mesmerising victory over the MANCS its simple

"RAFA IS A RAT BECAUSE SONNY BLACK says so.....And thats it Donnie. When you get sent for You DIE"- The words of Lefty, Al Pacino in Donnie Brasco

What can we say...Im sure the MANCS will start bashing us today. But as I said we beat them last week and with many of us on a High ,THE UNTHINKABLE happens and the misery continues. We were humbled at Fullham. 3-1 and two sending offs.
But as Rafas woes continue I cannot understand how he could take off Torres and Ben Ayoun and not even bring on Aquilani at 1-1. Many Liverpool fans have expressed deep disappointment at this weekends result. Look Benitez has secured victory against Man United.
But we are not playing man United 38 times in the year are we.....
I dunno lads. The game against Lyon is crucial now for the tacticians future.
But Should Rafa stay or go? Is hes tactical decisions the reason for him being Sent For by the Anfield Faithfull.? Are the League chances gone.?So many unanswered questions.
And once again we are in the Perishaans.
Alternatively we can keep Rafa and beat Man Utd again four times in a row and take home no Silverware.
But using the Jedi Mind Trick i know the MANCS wont bash us.They are quite dignified on the Blog.

The lazy but extremely talented Berbatov secured three points for Man Utd and he was correct in saying that 3 points is all that matters. I met two MANC supporters Shakes and Uncle Gams this weekend, Uncle Gams,proudly sporting his Manc gear . I said to him but "Man U are not playing great football.He responded quickly in saying "Yes ,But we are consitent.And that is what really diffrentiates Liverpool from Man Utd or the Mancs from their rivals. They keep on winning. With an easy group in Europe, The MANCS will breath easy as we had into Christmas

Another Emphatic victory for the Blues.And they are freakin consistent too. Of late they are drubbing the teams. A few Chelsea fans that I have met voiced concerns about the African Nations Cup pulling away Soloman Kalou and the Drog..
That leaves only Bilal Anelka at leading the attack. And the way the Drog is playing this could be an issue. But for now the Blues March on

One phrase. "Pure Viewing pleasure when they not losing concentration. Cesc Fabregas to me has scored the goal of the season so far and the Gunners get three points. As Mamad Bhamjee always says......Robin Van Persie ,the man with the Killer Left Foot..With Liverpool in Sakraat the MANCS have cited Arsenal and Chelsea as their title Rivals.

In La Liga Barcelona threw away three points at the death as Pique out the ball into his own net. Higuain put Madrid threw with a brace and Pellegrini looks like he will stay for the season. Money talks Bullshit Walks

In Serie A it was double disappointment for me as Juve threw away a two goal lead and lost 3- 2 to Napoli. In all honesty Im beginning to worry now about Juve. We throwing away early points.Buffon could do nothing as his defence caved away in front of him. Gionvinco who was the star on tehe night couldnt believe how victory was snatched away. Whats more concerning is that Inter won and they extend their Lead. A good 2-0 win for Milan and a happy Shakes and Cisse.
But for me Juve contributed to a terrible weekend in football for me.

The blood was certainly Blue in an entertaining Curry Cup that saw Victor Matfield and his men beat the Free State Cheetahs. And Again it ws the boot of Morne Steyn ....
Azee,Seth and other Rugby Purists..How was the game
UBG has been very quiet and he was at Loftus and apparantly e is tying up with sponsors in a new Pilot Series which is the "SEARCH OF THE FIRST INDIAN RUGBY PLAYER"
Will they ever be an Indian Rugby player to play for the Springboks.
UBG has attended alot of weddings and he says that he cant understand why we dont have anyone.Its not that Chaar owes are maar and got no muscle. Like the Props, there are so many of our thick owes that you find eating seconds of the Beeryani at the weddings.
Even if you look at some of the chaar litys eating at Akals and Wimpy there are plenty of Candiates
Do you agree. Can Indian owes or Will Indian Owes ever make the Springboks or is UBG wasting his time?

Lastly Well Done Ferhan Behardien as he clubbed a six of the last ball needing 5 to win as SA won the Hong Knong Sixes in emphatic style


  1. Why do United have an easy group in Europe?
    Is it because the LiverFOOLS f**Ked there chances up.

    Soon you guys will be saying we above you in the league because we have easier fixtures.

    FOOLS indeed.

    Richie de Laet

  2. Where is Ejaz the mouth pumper?

    Shakes who did you support this weekend?

  3. Liverflops are quiet today but we Manc fans will respect u's and not carry on like animals like all u liverpool fans behaved last week on the blog.

    It was a bad loss cant understand Rafas line up as well as his sub choices. The man has lost the plot and needs to be fine tuned again. One week u guys beat us and the next it was murder. Hats off to Roy Hodgson he is doing a brilliant job at Fulham

  4. why give them a break they deserve the hiding if you cant t ake the heat then get out of the kitchen they must avoide relegation this year, liverpool are shit and rafa is lucky thats all, rafa is like shaid afridi or gibbs or evn boucher when ever his on his way out he gets a lucky win, you cant compare him in the top 10 managers i think jomo would do a better job lol
    liverpool there mouths are shit today they out of everything you guys pumped your mouth and you guys are pathetic look at your records and furthermore swoosh if you waiting for liverpool to win the league to get married all i can say is our children will be your best man and you will be shooting powder so dont rely on the losers cause you will be single all your life any way swoosh why dont uchange the profile pic by rafa kissing alex ferguson backside for tips on how to be a great team or asking him on how to bounce back from losing to a shit side look alex ferguson did it this week you guys lost to fulham aybe he can learn on how to do that liverpool are pathetic

  5. Swoosh reports are that Rafa is close to replace Pellegrini at Madrid. If he does go i would love to see what a tactical genius he is as u flops rate him to be. Where was the genius in him over the past 7 games i ask? No where! Exactly!

    If liverpool do not secure the Saudi investment they can count themselves out in being contenders in any competition. As a manc fan i wish for the demise of liverpool to put all u mouth pumpers to bed.

    This coming weekend is a defining moment in the EPL Chelsea/Man Utd. As we all know Chelsea just like Arsenal are on fire and by far playing consistent football. Even though i'm a Manc fan i thouroughly enjoy watching them play. The Mancs are playing utter rubbish and certain elements seem to have stuttered there game a bit but in the end 3 points is what matters. They are definitely missing Ron and Tevez coz they dont have flow in there game whereas before they had alot of choice...

    Swoosh is biting his nails he looks like his in perishaans leave alone marriage sakraat is on his doorstep

  6. Swoosh have you noticed how well behaved the manc fans are i hope you taking notes how to behave. We are lovers unlike you fool fans you guys let ur mouth run but when it comes to the pitch you guys play like kids....

    Can't wait for Wednesdays good news when we hear you guys are out of the CL.

    For now we sit quiet and plan our game against Chelski

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