Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Well finally back to winning ways. Liverpool beating Wigan 2-1 No fireworks.Imagine it has come to that. Just winning and we have something to gloat about. Ngog got the first and Torres the second. What would we do without El Nino.
For the title race though Villa continued winning and so did the MANCS. But why did Wolves play or field such a shit team against the MANCS. The MANCS won and the stinkers Arsenal go and draw. But thats Arsenal for you. You cant trust those bastards.....And as for Chelsea well Lampard penalty got them a vital 3 points. After POMPEY equalised a reckless tackle gave Chelsea the three points.
My toppie was in fantasy perishaans, He kept on mumbling that he cant understand why teams are resting players...Drogba was his Captain.
Hughes could be in for the sack as he continues to fail with City..Defoe on the scoresheet as Spurs hammer City
Good game though for Aquilani. With Europa league also in action....makes it more interesting in my quest of following EUROPA league lol.....
The blog shuts down on Friday as I make my way to the Cape........Cant wait..And we commence in 2010............
I wanna get some World Cup feel in Cape Town and Im looking forward to the great Cape in December. With Debonairs cup semis also taking place we will await the two men contesting the final and for the first piece of Official Silverware

ASAL NOO WAKATH...Blast from the past.A Dynamos team program.In the insert you will see Basil Reid and the great Toby Hatia.A mere 20cents

New Speedgo G-Wheel for Sale R3750 .....

Contact MOHAMED FEROZ 084 0444 444
A must Have ....Petrol Operated Skateboard ! Fully Imported ..8 Left Only !

No wonder the FIS KOP OUT is selling these bikes...So the Liverpool okes...can buy it and skate out of the shop.......
Well we will see FIS this December as we stamp our Visas for the Cape Town Trip.
I will be making my way down this December, leaving on Monday

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