Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Ok so Mickey Arthur is gone,Big Deal. Apparantly a rift with Graeme Smith.Arthur did Ok.2008 was a great year for SA Cricket. But I cant understand why SA always elect coaches with no experience. Bhai Gora is crying.
Like Santana in soccer we went for a coach that has no International experience as a player.
But Arthur wasnt as woeful as Santana.Santana was pathetic.

So who next for SA, Keppler,Alan Donald, Whats ur suggestions. Ive  heard also that the whole selection committee has been blasted.
This morning at the Plaza I met a disgruntled Zahier Bayant and he said that is a circus whats going on. On Stats alone he cant understand why Amla is excluded from the 50 over game.
He also said that guys like Donald,Fletcher,Gary kirsten and Pollock should get the nod.
Then I met Uncle Dyna Garda who said that I should quote him by saying that Cricket is corrupt from the ground up. He said that why are there members of color on the Board when a opener of color bats at ten and eleven for Gauteng...

So goodbye Arthur and like Bafana will we appoint another chowdoo as coach or will we go for some Big name?

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  1. Kepler Wessels or Gary kirsten.The rumour Mill is flowing.At least both have International pedigree.Good move UCB


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