Monday, January 25, 2010


Wayne who.Wayne f#4king Rooney. England are tipped as favourites for the World Cup and Rooney will be the Golden Boy.He is in amazing form. Fantasy points dream. Rooney destroyed Wolves and Wayne who , Wayne f34king Rooney

As for the FA Cup you could see that Arsene didnt mind losing or being eliminated from the FA Cup. But whatever Arsenal were again the big Guns to fall at the hands of Stoke.
This is an FA Cip that will remember the name of Jermaine Beckford.Leeds again tamed the Premier League Giants Spurs. 2-2. And this could be the year of MINI...Finally he he.
He got Punisher back as Leeds beat the MANCS and route.
So in a nutshell now the FA CUP is just as good as the Carling Cup.With Chelsea the big boys there



On saturday we were driving in Melville and a Metro Cop stopped us.He seen three Indian Barlies and asked Is everything Ok?
I said ofcourse officer. He looked at us like we were Drug merchants or something.
Then I said by the way Officer Do you know Bafana are Winning.He said Yes.
I said Benchot its Swaziland.
A month ago I went to uncles restaurant in Swaziland for some jingha and I family decided to go to the Hot Springs.I seen Perreira relaxing there and then later he was throwing at Piggs Peak.I said Arehwah. He say UBG, How are you.
I reckon Carlos why dont you guys get some confidence and play Swaziland.
Swaziland was a must for all Charas. You had to go to Swaziland before you went for Umrah.Lugogo Sun, Ezulweni,Royal Swazi, Gamble, Horse Riding and ofcourse the Hot Springs. And so Bafana played Swaziland,Hammered them and are feeling good just the way the Charow families felt back in the day.
Its Swaziland?

Ivory Coast are gone.Thye were humbled 3-2 by the Algerians after conceding at the death.

But Algeria deserved to win. Drogba and them are lucky they didnt collect 6. In extra time Algeria were dancing around the Ivorians. Toure and them were poor or clearly wanted to go back to their clubs.
Ghana are through as they beat hosts Angola.
And tonight The Pharoahs who seem to love this competition have beat Eto and Cameroon emphatically.
The Egyptians mean business, But now they face their Dadas Algeria in a Derby Semi Final.


The San Siro Derby was action packed and I messaged Shakers and Momad Molwi. I told them you f#4kers better not disappoint. As a Juve man you hate Inter as much as you hate the Mancs if you support Liverpool. And Milan f4rken dissapointed. Ronaldinho is back to his best but Inter contained him and much of the Milanese. AC missed Nesta at the back and maybe the pace of Pato but Mourinho was smiling and taunting. The Double of AC and with 9 men. Why didnt Liverpool buy Wesley Shneider when he was on the market. But on the whole Milan disappointed and with Juve concedeing in stoppage time against Roma, possibly defining the scudetto.
As for Juve, rumours are that Buffon walked through the tunnel cursing always that they get hit on the Counter and he could be on the move.
For Cirro, You were a class manager but we want the Guus.
Forza Juve

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  1. Mini is having a dream start to the FA Cup, but I'm pretty sure it won't last. He is still trying to convince my lity that Leeds are a good team.


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