Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Good stuff.Its always the case that a former player rises to the occasion and delivers. Carlos Tevez is in sublime form.And he highlighted this by scoring a brace.
Many mancs I have spoken too including Shoobs felt hard done by, by the referee..But listen here MANCS....If you give you must be able to get.
Theres still second leg to come and Mancini wants silverware.
Whats this about Rooney in contract negotiatiations and might leave Old Trafford?
Red Man.....Any news.....or Shoobs.

In Afcon, Ghana qualified after beating Burkino Faso in a three man group after Togo pulled out

Wayne Parnell attracted the third highest price ever paid for a South African at the Indian Premier League (IPL) when the Delhi Daredevils made a successful bid of $610 000 for his services on Tuesday.

Both Jacques Kallis and JP Duminy have attracted successful bids of more than $US 900 000 at previous auctions but the latest auction had a cap of $750 000.

Shane Bond of New Zealand and Kieran Pollard of the West Indies both attracted the maximum bid and eventually went above that sum for undisclosed amounts while Kemar Roach of the West Indies attracted a bid of $720 000.

In an interesting tactical development the six franchises showed a lot of interest in wicket-taking bowlers whereas the accent has been on the big-hitters in the past.

As the leading wicket-taker in the ICC Champions’ Trophy in spite of the Proteas not progressing to the knockout stage and similar success in the ICC World Twenty20 in England Parnell certainly has excellent credentials for a successful IPL career.

Parnell said he was delighted to have had a successful auction as it gave him the chance to broaden his career, gain invaluable experience on the sub-continent and play with and against some of the game’s greatest players.

“I have never been to India before,” he commented, “although I played in successive ICC under-19 World Cups in Sri Lanka and Malaysia in 2006 and 2008. Going to India for the first time will be a huge challenge and experience and it will be very helpful that I will be touring India with the Proteas before the IPL starts.

“This has undoubtedly been the most memorable week of my cricket career, making my Castle test match debut for the Proteas and now getting the chance to play in the IPL with and against some of the game’s greatest players.

“I didn’t have a particular franchise in mind, I simply wanted to get the opportunity, but it will be very helpful to play alongside AB de Villiers at Delhi who also have our fitness trainer, Rob Walter, on their staff.

“They have some great Indian players on their staff such as Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir and I am sure I will learn a lot about conditions in India.”

Justin Kemp (Chennai Super Kings) and Yusuf Abdulla (Kings XI Punjab) also had successful auction bids.


  1. The IPL is dominating cricket.Think of it.For 6 weeks of cricket,The amount of money a player will recieve as opposed to playing for his country is unfathonmable.
    IPL is a money making Circus.


  2. Ya damaal has hit OT on all fronts, financially, injuries, tevez...
    Rooneys camp are apparantly waiting for after the world cup. So they can negotiate a better deal, in hte region of 170K per month


  3. Swoosh, what to say ... almost perishaan stages for us, but there is some wisdom in the old man yet!
    Tevez was class on the night, hard worker but I still think we were right to let him go. What do you reckon RedMan?
    Given that we don't have a proper consistant starting XI this season and taking into account the damage in defense, I'd say we're doing pretty much ok. The City scum weren't really the better team on the night, but results are what counts, let's see what happens in the next leg. (The ref was shyte tho and that penalty was bollocks)

    BTW Swoosh, since Liverpool has gone down the crapper all the mouth pumpers on your blog have disappeared...where are all the pundits that were shining Rafa's shoes last season signing off with "In Rafa we trust" ???


  4. yo shoobs given berbatovs work rate I'd much rather have tevez chasing down everything upfront. 2very different players though. Berba i think cant handle the pressure of is price tag.
    I read article some time back & tevez reckons the kak started with him & fergie after the liverpool game when they lost at anfield. tevez missed a few sitters i think & fergie ignored him after that game.

    I've just heard the united's bond sale was successful so the financial side looks more stable now, hopefully we can sign a defender & a midfielder cos I think hargreaves is finished.

    your thoughts...

  5. by RedMan above


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