Wednesday, January 20, 2010


By Uncle Bhai Gora

In Cape Town, I met Swoosh and his mates at a braai. I had to see Uncle Rashard for something and we got thrown in. Obviously while braaing and smoking the debate engulfed into Why are there no Indian Litys in Soccer and in Sport in General. The debate covered many points.
Is it the M3 or BMW thats bought for the Lity.
Are the chicks getting prettier or are they wearing less clothes.
What is the answer. Are our communities not backing talented youngsters or developments.
Lets take soccer for example.You have a talented youngster.He gets recognised and goes for a trial to one of the major PSL teams. After the trial no one even knows who he was. And they fade away.
It has been said that at a trial noone passes the ball to the Indian chap.Is this an excuse,Is it reality.
I open up the blog to some real structured debate....Please chip in.
Apart from Cricket, Why are there no Indian Litys making it to the Top. What is the answer?
 UBG Over And Out


  1. In Sun City over Xmas there are many Indians.
    80% of them are walking around with Golf Clubs and some behaving like Tiger Woods lol.
    Why are they no Indians in the PGA or South African Indians at least.
    Vijay Singh is form Fiji.
    Is it really that tough to make in Golf

    Gary Rahmeh

  2. Problem with Indian Litys is that they dont have the final drive.They get selected,backed by the community and then father buys a m3, chics take notice and he retires Hurt

  3. The Great Blikkies Bismillah used to always say Once a Alipors PP stands that is the end of him.
    Swoosh was a big recipient of that comment

    Ex Lenz High

  4. because they are not dedicated and desciplined enough to make it far and most think that they are better then they actually are.

  5. There has been couple of lads that have went for trial at top clubs in soccer and the ball is not passed to them.As a result they become despondent. Im busy reading the David Beckham Biography.After training he stayed behind to take free kicks after training. So is determination and belief and the ability to dream and keep going at it the solution

  6. def swoosh...if u determined and have the talent and belief then u will no doubt succeed and people can only ignore that for so long....


  7. SA should spend more on develpment for any race and culture.
    If Development was implemented from 1996 Bafana Bafana wouldnt be in such a state


  8. What make of car do you drive Swoosh?

  9. UBG drives a Bafana Bafana Mercedes.Old E class

  10. Is the KZN Cricket board implementing a different system than Gauteng Cricket Board

  11. In response to the first comment. Golf,Tennis and F1 are sports where you need a substantial amount of money to boost your career,Unfortunately its sports where you need to acquire wealth or a powerful sponsorship to progress.Something that can be very useful to elevate you in these sporting codes


  12. Reading this post makes it all the more better to pay tribute to guys like the Amla Brothers,Imraan Khan,Bodi and the likes.
    Good to see that they have ventured where many kids dream to be.
    May they prosper in their careers and get the support of the community

  13. lol uncle bhai gora better not speak ill of th beloved m3!
    Ahmed Jamaal

  14. Hey Aprah Waroh.
    Do you remember our very own Husein Manack and Jack Manack.
    Breaking through and playing at the highest level.

  15. swoosh beckham is a one in a million success story and by the way thats in england in south african sport it is different sometimes you can have lots of talent but you dont get the oppertunity you can also have the dedication but it does not fall for you sometimes it is just not meant for you as for our indian boys there is no structure in there ... See Morecommunities and the indians that have the top positions dont look out for our boys, i see there is a change with the new generations coming as lots of these youngsters that did not get there oppetunities for different reasons are trying to make a change

    Yusuf Rasool

  16. The Manack brothers never played Test match cricket. They havnt played at the highest level!

  17. But they still played at a level that many armchair critics would dream of.
    They played in front of crowds and arenas
    Benson and Hedges cricket at the time was a High Level.
    Politics denied many talents back then.


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