Monday, February 01, 2010


First of all I hope Hazrat is reading this. He is a meine Paki supporter. Hazrat....Pathetic. The owes are even saying that Liverpool are like Pakistan.Fine they got hammered in the series.A whitewash.
The Ozzies pumped them.
Shahid Afridi, a role model to many and one that has been in great form goes and bites the ball. How Blatant could he be. He should have rather asked an Al Makkah waiter to serve him the ball on a Hot Sauce sizzler plate.
As Captain this was unacceptable.Afridi Apologised and said it was in the heat of the moment.
Ponting has called for all fielders to wear Ball protectors if Afridi plays.
Hazrat who is better, Pakistan or Liverpool?

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