Monday, February 01, 2010


Firstly If you were John Terry and this was your Best Friend and neighbours girlfriend would you deploy Bailoh tactics and f34k around with your best friends girlffriend.
When temptation and hormones beat your social responsibilities and your ethics and your duty as a friend to special people and to others....
What makes a man cheat, is it the challenge, Is it the forbidden fruit.Is that why Adam ate the apple.

What kind of a Punani makes a man run, leave his lazy boy and his cup of cher (tea) and Run. Is there a type of Punani that will make a man so blind that he forgets his friends, he doesnt attend dawaats (functions).
What type of a Punani makes a man that never wore 501s wear 501's. What type of Punani makes a man that never eat sea food start eating Tiger Prawns.What makes a man go so deep that he becomes a puppet of the Punani. If the Punani says Left he goes left, If it says eat Prawns he eats, If it says I dont like House Music, He dont like house Music. If it says dont speak to your friends than you dont. Is Love like a great thing and POP syndrome like a cancer or bemaar (sickness) that affects this man
Is it Love.What is Love..................Or is love or true love synonymous to POP syndrome. I dunno.Comments please

What im saying is,If you were Jhon Terry would you put Nafs aside and have an affair with this woman in the picture or would you abastain because he was your Best Friend?


  1. A man is a Man. Looking at the pic.If days were dark and Friends were few,I would definately put her down

  2. No Punani is worth losing the friendship of your best friend.
    Poor Wayne Bridge.
    But its true today if you ahve an attractive wife or girlfriend the tempatation is everywhere

  3. Love is not POP Syndrome.
    POP syndrome is when you hooked, you dont give a shit and you tasted something thats so good that you cant taste anything better

  4. Swoosh

    Long time ago we embarked on our virgin trip to Cape Town and one owe never tasted P in his life,Never. One day we organised some chics and got back to the room.
    This man tasted and for the next ten days he suffered from POP syndrome as you say.He met her parents in Mitchells Plain and never wanted to come home.It was so good for him.He spent the whole ten days with this thing.Why?Because she gave him a taste for the first time
    So I agree its not Love!


  5. love is def. not pop syndr.
    pop syndrome is when u just get to a place where u havent been for a long time and love being there. then the man goes guns blazing until he gets tired of the punani. thats my theory on POP SYNDROME. DEFINITELY NOT LOVE!



  7. She Aint That Hot.. But Then Again John Terry Is A Ass So I would Not Put It Pass Him...

  8. if its there and its available you gonna knock matter who you are! This chick in the photo, no matter who you are - she looks at you, you gonna smack that ass! talking to all you ouens!

  9. Well said.
    If its there in your face,No man can say he walked away.Even the bitcharo will bow down to the POP.

  10. So are you guys saying PUNANI is greater than the mind,body and soul?

  11. You cannot eat Kari Kitchree everyday.
    Thats why POP Syndrome can never be eradicated

  12. If you a Man Utd fan all your life and you miss a Liverpool vs Man Utd game because your women said you must rather take her shopping,thats POP Syndrome

  13. If Punani stares a man in the face he will can you not

  14. If you have POP Syndrome it doesntmatter what type of Punani you having

    "A sardine is also a fish"

  15. I think POP Syndrome is more to do with obcession rather than lust.
    Instead of walker texas ranger on Sunday night the victim is eating P.
    So he runs 24hours until she fucks him over

  16. Is there a cure for POP Syndrome anyone.How do you cure this?

  17. i dont see what the problem is with the whole JT scenario, dont we teach our centre backs to always fill the hole left by the full backs.

  18. She's beautiful, he was lonely maybe and she payed attention to him. Guys are suckers for a beautiful woman.

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