Monday, February 01, 2010


Arsenal vs Man Utd
Well it was big and myslef and Faaiz Oz ended up watching the game at my place. Always great to watch a Arsenal game with Oz. He gets so passionate and excited. I said to him before the game."Faaiz, You f#4kers better not disappoint us and well disappoint they did.
Whos your Nani? Where the F34k did this guy come from?He was s#34t all year and he pops up and had a f34king blinder. MJ has passed on but this man was moonwalking. The first goal, great skill,takes on three defenders and Aluminia.....Well.
Immediately Oz started pasting Aluminia saying he and Denilson are the weakest link. When Rooney and Nani combined for the second I told Oz, F3k off.
You Arsenal pricks always let the Abus down. Half time we phoned Moosa Areff, Our Arsenal sponsor on the blog and he also lashed Aluminia saying that he has Parkinsons and is Shaky, and how selfish Arshavin was...YA YA
When Park scored the third I told Oz,you stinking up my place and we watched the rest of the game with cuzzies. Even though Arsenal scored,it was too little too late and the MANCS secured a vital victory. Title Race still wide Open but still Arsenal let us down. Then again did we expect anything different

As for the rest of the clubs it was business  as usual. Rafas Reds won 2-0 against Bolton. Bolton ae always the voodoo team for us. But Kuyt on form again.
What was interesting is that it was the first time that Benitez didnt play Lucas.
A win is important and everybody gloats like we still in the HUNT for silverware.

Chelsea beat Burnley 2-1 with John Terry coming Big. The England Captain took the shine off the victory regarding his off field antics away from the BRIDGE after he was suspected jolling Wayne Bridges girlfriend and making her pregnant.
Terry suffered from the POP Syndrome and THE POWER OF PUNANI clearly affected him.And who says Punani doesnt make you score
But more on this later on the blog as wel tackle it further.

In Serie A new Juve coach Zaccheroni only managed a draw. I thought Juve will go for someone bigger. F34K Secco. Theres problems here. Del slotted a penalty only for Lazio to score late.
Milan also stumbled after drawing with Livorno and now Inter seem set. What a f3CK UP

In La Liga its still a two horse race.....

And as we wrap up the AFCON CUP 2010 IN ANGOLA, THE PHAROAHS deservedly were crowned Champions for the third time in a Row, And it was a tournament noted by sh@3e refereeing. One wonders how South Africa were denied to see Egypt particpating in 2010


  1. Arshavin the selfish Russian.Arsenal missed too many.Utd made them pay.I take a wager on this blog that Rooney will flop in 2010


  2. hey adam dont worry about rooney flopping in 2010.
    its 2010 & he's on fire



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