Monday, March 15, 2010


Im really saddened by this news. David Beckham misssing the world cup in our country. All the marketing and media hype.What color boots his gonna wear, Posg Spice etc.
Also from a footballing perspective..Are England Ok without Becks. How imortant is Becks injury to England?

World Cup 2010: Milan & England's David Beckham Out For At Least Four Months - Surgeon Sakari Orava

The surgeon who will reportedly operate on Beckham has given his views on the suspected injury...
By Salvatore Landolina
Sakari Orava, the man who is tasked with fixing David Beckham's suspected broken Achilles tendon, has said he will not be back for at least four months, dashing his World Cup hopes.

Beckham injured himself during Milan's 1-0 win over Chievo on Sunday night and the severity was clear from the start as he immediately signalled to the bench.
The midfielder is reportedly flying to Finland to go under the knife and Orava, a specialist surgeon, has explained his suspicions regarding the injury.
"To start kicking the ball again it will take around three months. To get to his maximum it will take a month more. That's three to four months before he can play a mini-match," said the surgeon as reported by La Repubblica.

England's first game of World Cup 2010 is against USA in Rustenburg on June 12, and thus the chances of Beckham taking part in the tournament are slim.


  1. Theres certain guys you need in the team.Their presence alone is so important.England will miss Becks as a substitute
    To me David Beckham can mea on eperfect cross or set piece and you in the game Thats what you need.
    Remember Maradona against Brazil in 1990.Shit game he had,one pass to Caniggia and the Samba giants were gone

  2. Swoosh Becks is finished!!!!

  3. Englands problems are still on the left side.
    If I was Capello id go for James,cole if fit,Terry, Ferdinand,Chragher, Milner,SWP,Gerrard,Lampard,Barry,Crouch and Rooney


  4. The only people who is worried about the colour of Beck's boots is you Swoosh

  5. Well not worried,but interested what adidas had in store.

    The other bad thing with no Becks is that Pari hair salon an masumi and all community barbers, and hairdressers would all miss out on making money bye cutting Beckham hairstyles.

  6. who gives a shite about Becksie he is long past his best and if any of u scum england supporters think england are going to make strides in the WC u guys are just fooling yourselves trust chance whatsoever

  7. This is Englands year to comment above.
    I Have that feeling.Come ON ENGLAND,COME ON ENGLAND.
    In Capello we trust



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