Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Only 4 nights left to CWF 2010 fundraising dinner!!! Dont forget to get your tickets!!!

Riyadh Moosa and Zain Bhikha entertainning for the evening.

R550 tickets sold out

R450 tickets

R400 tickets

Naushina 082 625 6252
or email me on facebook: Zaheerah Bham Ismail 073 500 4036


  1. Saw him at the Tigers function, he was excellent. Definitely worth a watch.

  2. Trevor Noah is a LEGENDWednesday, 21 April, 2010

    Hey Swoosh

    Has Riyad updated his jokes or is he still on about Hashim n Graeme Smith, Kwantu Game Reserve, Valpre Water, Joburg accents vs. CT accents!

  3. Swoosh you are advertising for the dinner but did you buy tickets yourself your stingy poop

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