Sunday, April 18, 2010


The theft of one man changes a whole season.Just like that.Wham Bam. They say in life always appreciate...things can be taken away from you just like that. Men have lost millions over night, men have become millionaires overnight. Radical changes in a short space of time. And just like that while I am enjoying my relaxing holiday in Durbs, Arsenal mess up in the week and the shock of all shocks awaited us on Saturday.I was enjoying the MANCS demise to be honest.

Was at connections watching the game, giving them stick. We left to go to the Moses Mabhida stadium and to go to have a swim in the beach.As Im heading up the Sky Car Ebi J phones me and says the bastards stole 105th minute or something. It was in manchester so stoppage time was fardh.I said bastards. Only they can steal. Old faithfull Paul Scholes heading home in agame which I think Man Utd dominated. So the litys in Durban say. It was theft nevertherless and an important and BIGGGGG 3 points. It showed by the Neville and Scholes celebration.
Obviosly the THEFT put pressure on Chelsea and they f#4ken BUCKLED. As always...The Ghosts of Munich start f34king with your mind when you on top of the Premiership

And so to Saturday evening. Was a lovely evening after the beach and a nice session at Westville Virgin Active. We get home and check and check Spurs winning 2-0. WTF. I mean throwing it away. Terry getting sent off and that grand theft by the MANCS now meaning so much. All of a sudden the MANCS sms'ing that tehy back into it bla bla. And truth is they now are

And then Arsenal go and f34k up their title chase at the death. After being 2 goals up against Wigan. I mean how can you complain when you got Silvestre and Sol Campbell heading your defence. Any words Moosa Areff.

In La Liga Barcelona somehow drew and Penaltinho and them beat Valencia 2-0. Game On.
As for Serie A Roma won the derby against Lazio,Inter beat Juve and the pain is hard to swallow, Milan also lost.
Can you imagine Europes elite not competing against Milan and Juve.The two historical clubs have endured miserable seasons.
Couple of more days in Durbs and then its back to Jozie.

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