Sunday, April 11, 2010


I was invited to watch the El Clasco with a true Madrid man. I was in Ormonde and a hoem that is known as the Santiago Bernabeu. The home of Madrid man Riyad Loonat. I got there and he was dressed in the classic kit and we watched. And thats why I ask for comments on this man Xavi. Forget Messi.What are your thoughts on Xavi. The way he keeps possession and the way he finds Messi with sublime passing and vision. This man is Top Class. As we sat and watched Xavi find Messi and the brilliance of Messi as he controlled and slotted past Casillas.
Brilliant. Madrid were not even testing Valdez. Ronaldo was trying to hard. And Riyad himself knew that they were up against a machine, A top class side. It was Xavi again who found Pedro with a splitting pass and unlike his counterpart Higuain, Pedro showed BMT and put it away. Then it was just a Barca show as Xavi put Messi through twice again.
On Sunday many toppies at the houses of the sick that we visited were saying that Messi is nothing without Xavi. How true is this.
The game also was tactical as both teams have lots to play for.....and again as I and ABR always stated that PENALTINHO IS NOT A BIG GAME PLAYER.

What a question.But walking around in the Plaza and Sandton it felt like Eid looking at all the MANCS.
Ya the feeling of Eid. I know my crew can vouge for this. My toppie takes a beating in Ramadaan. The Happiest Ive ever seen him is the night when the moon is sighted. He always says AY THE KAAPIS will never do us down. When that anouncement is made Ay the felling is great. The toppie pulls out the Pisatchio Lindts and there is such a happy and fuzzy feeling
I wont lie to you as the MANCS F34K UP I have this great feeling.
And when I pulled in to lenz Debonairs there are two timers that are die hard Mancs. I caught up with them after the draw with Blackburn. They always watching the games at my bro and they were f34ken gutted.
I had to take a pic with the two of them as they kept cursing Berbatov.
Lani went as far as saying that if he sees Rafael he will kill him.

The MANCS endured a costly draw..................and even on facebook. Berbatov kept being slated by the purists. Arsenal and chelsea now must just provide the Eid Biryani for Us.
As for Liverpool...we drew..Godbye 4th spot. And hopefully Goodbye Benitez.
Speaking of the sick Swoosh0018 send duas to men that we have had a great relatonship with over the years. Fordsburg Community icon Moosa Laher and Lenasia's Uncle Samad (Father of Saleemee Nosarka .sweetshop). May they be granted lots of shifa and good health

Well what do you know. Calamity and the POMPEY lads have pulled off a shocker.I honestly thought Spurs were robbed. The Penalty and ofcourse Crouch's goal.No way was that a foul. It would have been great viewing pleasure if Spurs made it to the final. It is the FA Cup after all. Also it was strange to see the Wembley pitch so wet. So Chelsea vs Pompey.......What a thing

In Serie A,Juve kept the champions league campaign alive after Giogio Chielini headed them to a 1-0 victory. The bastards Inter drew and Roma beat Atlanta 2-1. So Roma are at the top of Serie A and not Inter. Like I said. Its freakin Eid.
Another news is that the Claciopoli is now wide Open Again.


  1. Hey Swoosh... once again Penaltino proved himself.
    He is just a big fish in a small pond.
    When push comes to shove, and his team needs a big performance from him... he sadly cant provide that. Watching his highlights package at the end of the season may look good, but what did his price-tag achieve???

    I think the MANCS will now agree with the lack of BMT...

    regarding liverpool, do you guys think you can hold onto Torres for next season???

    Regarding united, the loss of ronaldo has allowed Rooney to really shine this year...what a season the piggy had... but it still proves that you still a one man team

    I eagerly await the abuse


  2. ABR For once you are right.I bet he is missing Man Utd.Lets be frank,Valencia is no Penaltinho


  3. xavi .......most underatted player .... the general of the team and creative brainchild!

    Ridwaan Habib

  4. He scored in a CL Final, what more do you want from him?

    Yusuf Seth

  5. Xavi is by far the best midfielder in the world today. pure genius. Messi n Xavi who can ask for more.

    Mohamed Firoz Soni

  6. gee Seth.... are you a pool supporter? you talking about one game in the PAST

    why dont you ask a madrid fan what they expect out of him....


  7. ABR , go climb back in your hole.



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