Sunday, April 18, 2010


Everybody was raving about the Moses Mabhida stadium and so Swoosh0018 had to check it out for ourselves. Myself,Mo Mayet and Zak Loonat my cuzzies in Durbs took me under their wing and off we went. The stadium is stunning and the view from the sky cart fantastic. Theres nothing like the smell of the coast and breathtaking scenery. Whats more is that the stadium seems to be very user friendly to the fans.Achers of space around it and the close proximity to the beach front will definatley enhance the atmosphere and party celebrations that will go on. Unlike JHB. But the biggest factor is the weather really....Fans can walk around in shorts and a light rain jacket as opposed to the cold wrath of JHB.
Later we met a oke Bunjee jumping and had a few words about the experience.
On the whole it was a great experience and Durbans definately gonna rock
Also what worries me is the development around the Durban beach front. Will we make it in time.We have to wait and see.
Moses Mabhida will play hosts to some wonderful games with Portugal vs Brazil and the semi final being staged here.


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