Thursday, May 13, 2010


Lippi has anounced his squad of 33 and for Alessandro Del Piero South Africa will not be a destination.
For me it will be sad not to see Alex in South Africa.Not being bias but Del Piero and Totti's absence lacks the magic. When I first seen Del Piero put on an Italy jersey in Euro 96....He was my man. Ever since then I have supported him and admired the skill and his comittment to the game.
Contrary to the criticism I will recieve for the post to me Alessandro Del Piero will alwas be a legend. He may not have performed his best for Italy but the 4th penalty against France in the final was a nervous moment for me. Also What will be etched as a memmory for me will be the diving header against Mexico in 2002 from the Montella pass.Italy needed the draw and the goal was superb in context.
Even more special for Del in Azurri colors was the goal against the Germans.
I will never forget the comentatotors words. "DELLLLLLLL PIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERO............
Alas with Juve subjected to a terrible season and Del Piero's age and appearances has left the man that made him Marcelo Lippi to leave him out on the trip to South Africa.
Great skill, class, nifty footwork and magical ball skills .................................
Theres no Sawubona for Alessandro Del Piero this time in South Africa 2010...............
And for Adidas, they will miss the man that endorsed "La Maca La Mundial de las drie bannas"
The brand with the three stripes..
Lets hope Marcello Lippis choices up front can produce the magic of previous legends in the Italian attack that lit the World Cups in the past. Alessandro Altobeli, Roberto Baggio,Schilachi, Roberto Baggio, Christian Vieri and Totti.

Forza Azzuri
Arivadeci Alex
You will be missed

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