Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The Tactics of the BAILOH or Bailoh Tactics
By Uncle Bhai Gora

Love, Lust, the Pyaar, Affection, Sakraat....are all the aspects related to that special Bond with a women. The Chase, the pursuit, the friendship and the whole shebang. Its special between two people. But there is only one problem when it comes to this. Somewhere,Somehow there is a guy,usually your best friend,someone thats knows you so well,knows you like a brother,knows your pain, suffers with you, sees you suffer, consoles you, sees you shed a tear...........and is there for you through your hardship. Yes people there is a Bailoh lurking somewhere.

Effectively known as your brother in arms that has spilled the same blood in the same mud with you many a time. The only problem is that he loves your woman.He wants to enter your game and playing field. But laws prevent him from doing this.Ethics and a brotherly bond prevent him from doing this. I mean he cant...He wants to but he is not allowed.
The LAW of Thou Shall never leave a fellow Marine Behind or Thou shall never interfere with your brothers or best friend s Pyaar prevents him from doing this. So there is only one option. He has to sneak behind your back, Betray you in the most vile manner.Badmouth you behind your back. All these atrocities just so that he could get close to the woman he can never have.

But how does he do this when you are the MAN.Well there is only one way. He has to adopt a tactic better known as the Bailoh Tactic. The tactic of a dishonest unethical man. He has to stoop so low that he will risk brotherly bonds and sacrifice all that friendship stands for.

In war if you are Brothers in Arms than its the same as him stabbing you in the trench when you killed for him so many times. In other words FEAR not your Enemy...FEAR your friend.


SAY a loved one leaves you and breaks your heart
Now when you are done and dusted and you are in a severe state of sakraat you are obviously not in a good mental state of health, The one you love is gone and she never wants to see you again pending on the severity of your dismissal.
Now these are perfect hunting grounds for the biggest serpent,snake, coward, f23ken two faced enemy on the planet, better know as the Bailoh.

This is the perfect hunting ground for him. 99.99999% of the time the BAILOH is a person you know very well or someone lurking in the inside, he is never your enemy, EVEN YOUR ENEMY doesnt have the heart to do what the Bailoh wants to do. The B will follow your every move, he will cry with you during your time of pain, Then he will cunningly revert back to your loved one, He will be her shoulder to cry on becoz even though she hates you , she still loves you. He will stand there like DEXTER SAINT JOCK, swinging his dick waiting for the ideal opportunity to arise like a Jackal.

The B will replicate and fill your void to the greatest of perfection. He will do everything that you cannot do because of your circumstances. He will F#4k you just as badly....and him being close to you the pain is more. Its like "Etu Brute" "And you to Brutus"

What the Bailoh fails to realise is that your loved one or dreaded x. will meet you and she will tell you everything, who is phoning, who wants to take her out and who bought her what for two reasons. One to PISS you the f#4k off and show you that she has moved on and two which is very rare, because she really f#4ken cares..

These days the BAILOH Tactic is prevailant when one pursues a women or has a special bond. She is hot, She is sexy and she has you ,eyes you or in quite simple terms wants you.You have gone through the entire process of trials ad tribulations.  Up steps the Bailoh. He knows your inner feelings, he knows about the shit. He knows the inner secrets better than anybody.
He knows when you fucking up and he sees the perfect opportunity to go in. He guts you like a pig
He disguises himself and uses BAILOH TACTICS. Badmouths you,lies about you and tells her that you are not worthy.
And then Like Dexter Saint Jock he swings his Dick.....Swings it.
You sitting there trying to strategise and in the words of Eddie Murphy next thing you know DEXTER is f34king your pyaar.......
The BAILOH TACTIC. The man on the inside whom you least likely expect to f34k you over. That man that you sling your rifles and go into battle, shedding blood. The man you trusted, the man you could send in behind enemy lines. The man that never hurt.
Hence the tactic he uses is the BAILOH TACTIC.

Whats so shocking is the lengths the Bailoh will go.The vocab he will use. The charm he will possess and the lengths he will go to degrade you and humiliate you. He will tell her where you have been, what you wore and he will sell you like he sells his sole. Instead of standing up for you he will STAND for the women.
"He will tell her that Girls Nights are allowed, and Clubs are ok, And Cheating is ok.
He will tell her that chocolate and cakes are not fattening and getting fat gives a person more to love.
He will promise to treat you like a Queen.

In football terms you are the Gattuso or Roy Keane battling it out in midfield whilst he feeds on the loose ball.

The most common tactic deployed by the Bailoh. Be friends. Yes Friends. But you f34kn met her because of your best how can she now be your Best Friend.What about your Best Friend.Confusing isnt it.
But he goes beyond ,crosses the Pul Sirat,The Point of no Return. He plants his land mine between your womens bosums and waits. He becomes the greatest friend.......whilst you at war.
He becomes the minister of foreign affairs while you are the grunt fighting in the field with your machine Gun. He Waits and Waits for the right moment and then he detonates the mine......Exploding all in front of him.

On the day of Qiyamet..when punishment is handed out
the sinners and fornicators will come forward..
but the call will be made for them to stand aside
and the Bailoh to come forward

So severe is the crime............................

So I ask you to comment.
Have you been a victim of the BAILOH or have you used the BAILOH Tactic? Speak out and let us bring these bastards to justice.....because What they have taken away or what damage has been done can more often than not be deemed un repairable or unforgivable


  1. Yes Like Swoosh, you bringing back ols memories. Dexter swinging his big dick! Shit, you still remember that.

  2. Then there is the other type of Bailo...he and u both smaak a chick, you tell him but he doesnt tell u he is interested as well...He tells u "Dont worry, I'll organise 4 u"....then he uses your name as an excuse to get to the to her in private...he'll present your case in a poor manner that will fuck your chances up even the meanwhile he is subtly presenting his own case

    Next thing u know, he's getting buckled...he'll tell u it was not him but the cherry who initiated the relationship

    And you're back off where u started, except you have to buy a suit for his wedding and that is the last contact you keep with the bra

  3. he will stand by you through thick and thin and even advise you so his bread can be buttered on all sides. than he uses a sniper and proceeds to advance little knowing that it could come back to haunt him but doenst give a F@#k and thinks with his dick

  4. Swoosh...Theres no respect for a man whos turned into a bhailoh...And he will never again earn th respect of fellow veterans..When you in sakarat after battle,and you need that 1 sip of water to live..Its not worth giving the fucken bhailoh the 1 sip to live..Bhailohs only attack when they got no fucking women around them,and this "best friends" chick you supposedly friends with is the only way to satisfy your temptations..Fucken deserved to slaughtered head to toe,limb by limb..

  5. Swoosh it seems like u have been bailohed a few times is this the reason 'why' u are not married?

  6. There is a saying in the Arabian Penninsula that says " Beware the man that dons the Ahraam with you" hence the man who swears by being your "brother" is the guy to stab your back. The Bailoh is the most deplorable of all man, the scum of the earth. Many a legend will tell you a story of a Bailoh who actually married the girl who was once supposed to be his "Bhabhi" (Sister in law) knowing full well that at night she dreamed of her husbands so called best friend.

  7. It seems to me most of the comments above are from Swoosh

    What happened now?

    Who beat you again

    Swoosh maybe the reason you loosing the chicks is not the Bailo, maybe its you

    Something to think about

  8. can we name and shame the bailoh's

  9. I know of many such a Bailoh strategy that has taken place in our community...

    It's a cliche but the truth...oak comes home sees his bestes bra's car in the yard thinking the oak came over to watch the game next best minute he enters the house and the damn Bailoh is having sex with his wife...

    The same thing happened to another oak this time it was his son in law with the mother in law (his wife)

    This is what happens when some oaks dont maintain hijaab with his best friend and his wife. The one oak i know even allows his best friend a key to his place,,, on Sunday mornings the damn Bailor works into his bra's room with koeksisters,,, not worried in the least if you on the job with your vrou or not..

    Some oaks dont mind there friends hugging their vrous and kissing on the cheek,,, like kuffar and then the oaks still has the nerve to say salaam...

    You say aagh i dont worry his my best friend... yeah right

    Today your best bud
    Tomorrow you Bailor'd...

  10. Hey Anonymous POES from thursday, why dont you leave your name when you want to attach Swoosh?

    These comments are not all from swoosh...maybe you yourself are a fucken bailor that's why you getting pissed off

    "Something to think about" you arsehole

    Why dont you go home and bake a cake or do some knitting

  11. whoever says the comments are from swoosh and asked 'who beat him again', you aint seen nothing yet. guess YOU have not been 'bhailored' yet!
    for all i care i bet you dont even have a chick!

    Mo very well said!

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. UK guy says...

    Perhaps this whole concept is focussing on how one is being screwed over and not the positive. I sympathized with the victims of bhailors, dont get me wrong. I'm saying, in my perception, whoever has bhailor'd you has happened in your best interests (even though you may not comprehend why that is so right now). At the end of the day, we dont know whether that chic would be good for you or not, NONE of us know besides The Almighty.

    People pointing fingers about broken confidence and shit - stop getting stuck in pettiness, 3 fingers point back at yourself.

    Allah knows best, none of us truly know what our friends want, but we know what we each individually want. It's ethical to be open, honest & upfront with your bra's so to avoid confusion. What goes around comes around.

    My point is simple - Just do and be the best you can be in an open & honourable way, then you'll get what you truly deserve and be happy. Simple.

    Salaam brothers & bhailors :)

  14. To the POES who is sticking up for Swoosh
    Have you bhailored Swoosh or did Swoosh bhailor you?

    Maybe Swoosh is posting for you

    I have never been bhailored and the only reason for that is because i dont consider people like you my friends

    What goes around comes around

    Why dont you leave your name you fcuken bhailor

  15. Gents, lets just ease up here ... let us hate the bhailor tactic and not the bhailor.

    some guys are just weak and cant fight off shaytaans whispers and has to resort to such tactix ...

    Just remember the badaams are responsible parties also ...

  16. uk guy you are right, the owe must come clean and say his say! then negotiate from there but the reason his a bhailor in the 1st place is cos he doesnt come clean with you! thats why hia bhailo!!!

  17. How can the badaams be responisble when they have been fed bad information by the Bailoh.
    They are manipulated by the Bailoh

  18. U r a BHAILOR.I BHAILORED U...I'm coming to BHAILOR U once more....


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