Monday, May 10, 2010


Awesome and a great weekend.For obvious reasons. I wont lie it was a great feeling to see all teh Sulky MANCS and to see Roman Abrahomivic smile finally as Chelsea emphatically beat Wigan to become Champions. Credit to the MANCS they played well and fought to the bitter end unlike the shite Liverpool and the BMT lacking Arsenal. But still great as an ABU and Liverpool fan to see anyone but United lift the Premier League
And so the EPL concludes.Chelsea are deserved Champions.They have the squad and Drogba was in sublime form too as he notched up the Golden Boot.
The World Cup is gonna be fantatsic as most of the Big names are in belting form

The entire weekend we were at the glittering function of Zayn Banjo. And obviously the soccer talk was flying around. Great to enjoy the pre match hype with some of the biggest and great to see the face of Shakers as Anelka put the blues ahead. Many timers were saying that Chelsea will buckle and they forsee Wiga pulling of a draw and many were confidant. But great weekend.Great function and again in the company of f#4ken Legends.


  1. to chelsea & all the chelsea fans , WELL DONE on winning the premier league.chelsea , the better team over 38 games.

    can chelsea retain the title ? they have the oldest team in the league.
    did united do well enough after losing ronaldo & tevez , yet fought till the last game ?
    would chelsea be able to fight for the title without drogba or lampard ?
    do united have more depth & quality than the rest of the premiership sides.
    will liverpool be able to come back stronger or is this the end of liverpool ? maybe no torres & no gerrard. no money ???
    has harry redknapp proved that he is a class manager?
    will man city buy glory ?

    "go" WE WILL BE BACK

  2. Go thats deep.Was it not you MANCS that said on this blog that the Carling Cup means sweet buggeroll whem Liverpool used to win it

  3. Flip you siem.
    Mohamed Mamoo Abraham

  4. im actually busy ironing my shirt to wear to work tomorrow :)
    Shakira Sayed

  5. We do have the league cup atleast! Liverpool have... 7th!
    Zakariya Akoojee

  6. bayern for the treble

  7. U an abu u get more joy from united not winning then the scouse winning. Yah but they won shit


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