Monday, May 10, 2010


Liverpool, SA ,Juve, Italy in 2010 and now the cricket. Is 2010 gonna be the year for me.SA have choked again. We would hae thrashed Pakistan in any series, yet an off form Paki team with nothing but pride to play for have ended our hopes.
Bring us just one cup SA, Just one Cup. Why cant SA win when it matters the most. I spoke to World of Samoosas T20 Cricket sponsor Zahier Bayant. A man that played the game well about the defeat. His response was Bad Desicions made by SA. Ozzies bowled Nanes and Tait consistently without withdrawing them from the attack. SA against England, Botha bowls well and then is taken off...............
Was it bad decisons that we always will reflect on,Should changes be enforced or is Smith just not cut out for it.
Again the Old guard failed. What happened to Thandi Tshabala.
I can predict the future. SA will thump the windies and all will be forgotten.Come the next major competition we will fail again. But what is the problem

With the early departure of South Africa at the World T20 in West Indies, where does the problem lie in this constant under-performance?

South Africa: Constant Under-achievers?
By Ishaq Ismail

In this early years of the 20/20 format, many games are still played on trial and error. Are teams are picked based on players abilities over their impact in this format?

Let's look at the South African make-up. Smith, Kallis, Bosman and Gibbs the opening batters. Smith terribly out of form, Kallis 'slow batting' doesn't help the cause, unless he sets up a good foundation to work from. Yes his approach can work, but how often? Gibbs should give it up, Bosman has never proved his worth.

Then to the middle order, AB and JP. Nudgers. At their best can never score at more than 10 to the over. And following the diastrous start of Sanex boy Kallis, not gonna get over the par 150 mark.

Albie and Boucher are crucial. Especially in the last few. However Bouch should call it a day and young blood or AB take over the gloves.

Rollie is a terrible spinner and his rash swinging of the willow hardly if ever works. Botha is the better spin option and batter anyday.

Now here's the biggest problem in my opinion. 5 fast bowlers in the squad. Steyn,Morne, and Langerveld deserve their places. Kleinveld and Rusty came for a holiday. Yes they are good, but when you limited with options in a Batsman's game, does it warrant their inclusion?

With that taken into account, here's my selection for South Africa going forward. Mr Hudson, use it if you wish.

1. Graham Smith

2. Jacques Kallis

3. AB De Villiers

4. Colin Ingram

5. Dave Miller

6. Albie Morkel

7. Morne Van Wyk

8. Johan Botha

9. Morne Morkel

10.Rusty Theron

11.Dale Steyn


  1. Rhetorical question...
    Bahia Docrat

  2. Shame...3 6's could have saved the day...sowi boys next time...MAYBE!!
    Safiyya Nalla

  3. If it was Bafana who would we blame? Safa, coaches, developement?

  4. There too many okes who been there 4 too long. U need a blaster up front y was bosman not given a few games? Kallis not made 4 t 20. Gibbs is kla

  5. Paki's don't accept Rands.
    Ismail Moosa

  6. Smith should be dropped as limited overs captain n work on his batting! AB must take the gloves. The only problem is that there is no one to step up and be a worthy captain.
    Zakariya Akoojee

  7. smith is good guy....i just dont think hes pretty....thats my honest reason as to why i dont like him as with AB... *blush*.
    Adila Omar

  8. we always win the series challenges but we cant seem to bring one cup home. All we want is one cup.
    In this case Valodes our cricketers and bafana strikers are not scoring.
    It hurts. Can we ever win the big one.
    Zakarya. AB doesnt want the gloves.Adila.AB as one day captain I agree.
    My point if in a series we would have whitewashed Pakistan, but they lost two,off form and they beat us in the Cup

  9. our batting is way too slow in the first 6 overs.
    bring in bodi.


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