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Rafa Benitez sacked by Liverpool Football club
02 June 2010

Rafa Benitez has been sacked for failing to accept a severance package offered to him by the club, claim Anfield insiders this evening.
It is claimed that the Liverpool board opted to pull the trigger after becoming worried about the lack of support in the manager by his players and also because they felt he was no longer in the job for the right reasons.
A hack from one of the nationals - a long-time friend and supporter of the site - spoke to the KOPTALK editor a few moments ago and although he is running a major article on the "sacking" tomorrow, there are some things he cannot put into print.
He said: "A series of explosive conversations took place last night between Liverpool officials and the manager's agent. As a result an emergency board meeting was called.

"Broughton and Purslow were fully aware that Benitez was only hanging around for a pay-off. Seeing his recent interviews has angered officials, especially Purslow.
"They don't believe he's committed to the cause at what they admit is a difficult time and they've grown tired of his petulant behaviour.

"At a time when everyone needs to be coming together, there have been threats of further exchanges in the press [ED: A planned exclusive interview in Spain] and this had to stop.

"While the fans will say Benitez's intentions were admirable, there is a feeling that he has misled them because he was making it known before the end of the season that he wanted to leave but that he wouldn't waive his right to his huge pay-off.

"His agent had spoken to Purslow about the options and he made it known what his client would need to leave the club. He wanted out but dug in when nothing came.
"Nothing was giving but senior players have made it known to Purslow that they're unhappy under Benitez and that there is a complete loss of confidence in him from the squad. He had to go. There was no way back.

"They [Liverpool FC board] want to bring in a new manager who can persuade major players that the club can and will be turned round as soon as possible.

"The threats had to stop."
While tonight's reports are all on the ball, we cannot help but think that there will be further twists within the next 24 hours. We should also note that there is no official announcement by the club as yet.
Our source has pledged to provide us with a further update in the morning. Obviously we'll update you on this site but naturally we will have to retain anything that could expose a source for our members website which is more private.
Taken from Kop Blog.What are your thoughts Liverpool owes?


  1. this story is dominating the papers this morning
    but it aint over till the fat man signs
    ill be more than happy to see the back of him

    Istanbul was the players, not the coach


  2. Liverpool will have to sell gerrard to afford the 16mil pay-off to benitez.

  3. lot's of crap in that article , LFC cannot afford to sack Rafa as they dont have the 16m which he would be contractually entitled to LFC fans becareful what you wish for ..can only imagine who these clowns will get as a replacemnt ..we are losing one of the best managers in the game quality manager will work under the restrictions Rafa has had to .. In Rafa We trust

  4. He must take Janaabat Lucas (dirty lucas) with him

  5. Liverpool are shit with benitez or without him and your so called captain courageous is leaving to where is the loyalty, there is no loyalty at the pigs , by the way benitez is there to ruin Liverpool and this was set up by none other the great sir Alex ferguson and the mancs

  6. That's why we happy he is gone. And if he's gone gerard will stay. Its like toppie leavin kentucks to go to akals. Will never happen

  7. Nothing On LIVERPOOLFC.TV. Honestly Somepart Of Me Wanted Him TO GO. But this is just a step back the back room staff will be replaced costing millions we cou;d use elsewhere..Who will replace him. The Special One Is At Madrid...Maybe DAGLISH Will Bring Back The Glory Days
    Muhammed Bhoola

  8. Bring back kevin keegan. He hates the mans also. I'll lov it if we beat them. I like the sound of that

  9. Heard that they discussing his future but in all likelyhood it seems as though he is going...problem for pool as stevie looks like he will be leaving as well and if that happens Torres wil follow as well...
    Mems Wadee

  10. Rafa leaving will not solve our problems ..u think this season was bad just wait till next season.. until those yank mother&U^ers leave us it does not matter who we get as manager ..
    M R Gani

  11. Diggers prayers have been answered.

    Goodbye rafa. you are the weakest link.


  12. Liverpool are the biggest losers, not rafa as rafa is going to inter and we all know that inter are in the champions league.


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