Tuesday, June 01, 2010


As Perreira anounces his final 23.Benni has been the surprise ommision. The rest of the squad I think is pretty descent. What are your vies on the squad. Will we miss Benni Mcarthy. Is the squad descent enough?


  1. Bye Bye Bennie!! Finally, someone has come to their senses and left this arrogant no good excuse of a footballer out. We dont need him.

  2. Fat gat Fat gat Fat poes

  3. Happy, only they should have kept Fernandez. I love benni, but he let bafan down way to many times, and at the end of the day, he didnt want to stop eating pie

  4. I think parreira knew well that an out of shape benni would just be taking up space.

    4 years ago out of shape ronaldo and adriano really failed to deliver for him. They were proven goalscorers but really were a dissapointment for Brazil.

    If the calibre of those 2 couldnt deliver with there weight problems, it was highly unlikely that Benni would do any differently this time around.

    (Recovering Football Manager addict)

  5. im also glad benny mcdonalds is out

    looks like the coach got the ultimate revenge for benny being so arrogant

  6. Recovering football manager.
    Despite Bennis problems with SAFA I still think he should have been included in place of Nomvete.
    Remember Maradona in 90. Shit performance but one moment of brilliance and Argies beat Brazil.
    Benni could have provided that.
    All said and done..looks like a pretty decent squad

  7. Benni deserves it.When ever we needed him he let us down

  8. Swoosh Im not saying that i agree with the exclusion of benni at all.
    I really wanted him to be there. As fat as he is, he is the best that sa has produced(fact)..

    hes a guy that can provide that moment, and i do think that he's a guy that can bring our midfielders more into the game than what the others can( Mpela and parker etc).

    Josephs should be number1. Khune brilliant at shot stopping( as are most decent keepers in the world today), but when balls are delivered into the area, thats where he's found wanting.

    Still dont understand how gaxa made it(he's just not capable of delivering the final ball). Anele Ncgonca seems a more solid player.

    Lance davids lucky to be there i think, But hes a player that Pareira likes a lot. He hasnt yet fulfilled the potential that many (I) have seen in him.

    Nomvete and Moriri dont really add much for me.

    Decent squad, but would've liked to see benni there.



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