Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 26 Semi Final, Cape Town, Flying Dutchman

After enjoying a nice coffee with the boys at Michaelangelo hotel after the Spain vs Paraguay game I drove to Lenz to regroup and pack some stuff.Sunday evening myself and Husain Mayet were flying to Cape Town for the weekend.It was a big week.They picked me up and we drove to Lanseria airport.My first time actually.Moe and Faaiz were flying the next evening.

So we gripped some coffee,flew with Kalula and landed at 10pm.We split ways and went t family respectively to catch up.On Monday we drove around Cape Town,had a delight full lunch at Snoekies.You gotta luv Snoekies.Whilst we ordered there,3 guys with a British accent were ordering.I took a gamble and asked.Are you lot from Bately hey.They said Yeah.I said are you Yaseen Cha chas sons.They said yeah.What a small world.Uniting with cuzzies whom Ive seen 14 years ago.What a thing.
Snokies restaurant in Hout Baai

We then cruised the waterfront,met some fans, and visited another good friend.He whipped up a quick braai.I had no match ticket for the Cape Semi.
And a dream come true when I was presented one cat 2 ticket. Wonderful feeling and highly appreciated.Thanks Farhad. Meant alot.
So with ticket in hand we set off to base camp in Milnerton.Imraan and Mo shuttled us to long Street where we seen Argentinian fans vs the English fans in Full cry.Met Moe,Faiz and Speedy .And as the rain fell,we headed home.The rest of the squad was arriving tomorrow on match Day.

Waterfront on match day was fantastic.The Uraguayans were singing and chanting....Fans were out and about. We took pictures and really soaked it up.Weather wasnt too bad.It wasnt raining. The boys had lunch and then we set off toward the Fan Mile with our whole crew in Cape Town. Top Stuff

Anzo with some hardcore Dutch Fans

The Cape Town Fan Mile was a wonderful experience.Festive and 70% Orange.It was what we missed in JHB.100 000 people passing through the stats said. But a Carnival atmosphere and a great walk to the stadium(see video below). The Fan Mile was laden with fans singing and mmmm...felt like I was walking through and Orange town at one stage

Amazing atmosphere on the Fan mile

It was the first time I visited the GreenPoint stadium.And the atmosphere was electric. Once again Thanks Farhad.Great seats.lower tier behind the goal.Cape Town was cold,but coming from JHB it didn't hurt.Thankfully there was no rain as it was fore casted. After my cousins Fuzzy and Zak convinced me to support the Dutch I was halfway there. Great game,Great atmosphere and great goals.Gio van Bronchorst opening up with a cracker.When Forlan equalised through another rasper I began to worry. I told Zunaid whom I was sitting next too that I wanted a Holland vs Spain /Germany in the final.As the second half kicked in Holland took control and duly won the encounter 3-2.Great.
We celebrated with the Dutch,met the Flying Dutchman which was an experience.The Flying Dutchmen are those supporters that look as if they got off the airlines.Amazing and well some stunning air hostesses if you know what I mean.
We took a walk to the Waterfront.A lovely supper with the boys.Moe & Faiz drove to Durbs.The rest were still in Cpae Town and Myself and Hoosain got prepared for our early flight to Durban.And just as well we flew early.......

Pics from Semi Final in Cape Town






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