Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 27 - Semi Final Durban, Spanish Rule

With the Cape Town Semi an absolute cracker we set off for Durban. Obviously it was sad to leave Cape Town behind after only two days but a cracking semi final awaited us between Spain and Germany.Two European giant.So myself and Husain caught a 7:am flight from Cape Town to Durban.And just as well because later we had feedback about the disappontment and frustration endured by fans as eleven flights were turned back.Thats really terrible.Fans must have saved up for years and prepared for this moment only to be turned back because of airport congestion.Gimme a break.

Durbans King Shaka airport.Not knowing whats in store for them in the evening

Anyways we got picked up at 11am. And next to me on the plane was  gentleman from Miami that watched almost very World Cup.We chatted about football and the other countries and he told me that South Africa has been by far the best World Cup he has ever been too.he singled out the warmth of the people.Woza guys Woza...Well done South Africa

We got to our Road Lodge behind the McDonalds in Durban Central.Nice Cosy lodge with plenty of foreign fans booking in for the night.And with the McDonalds there the vibe was awesome. Caught a nap in the afternoon and then set off to the stadium at about 6pm.We took a nice cool walk through the FAN ZONE on the Beach Front.Again amazing atmosphere

The game itself was entertaining....the atmosphere at Moses Mabhida electric,the weather beautiful and not like the biting cold you feel in JHB. And of course linking up with KILLA priceless.
Spain were masters in possession again and Germany didn't offer anything.They were not the same team that beat England and Argentina..or should I say Hammered England and Argentina.They were different.
Watching these great players in action I was sure that Germany would soak it in and frustrate Spain and hit them on the counter. But When.Time was going and Iniesta and Xavi as well as Alonso could spray inch perfect passes all night.
Corner and Puyol dumped the Germans out.Ike Cassilas came big on two saves but this was not the same German team we've seen in SA.
After the game we watched the Spanish Celebrate and the Germans cry.We got hold of Killa and with his permission we will publish what we saw on Video.Only with his permission.So Spain vs Holland then.A dream Final.I phoned Riyad Loonat later and commended him on his Spanish outfit. We walked back to the hotel about 3km away........What a walk...But we did it.With the lads

The lads after walk back to hotel

After a good McDonalds Supper we headed off to Florida road.The rest is history.Cubana was full of fans.

We returned,had a bit of sleep and its customary when you leave Durban to have a Wimpy Queen Street Breakfast.

The lads dropped us off and myself and Hoosain caught a flight back to JHB on Thursday Evening.But it rounded off a spectacular Semi Final Weekend






Ebi Ahmed was in Cape Town and brought us the scoop on whats being going on down there during the semi Final at the fan park.Ebie and a few of the lads extended the Cape Town leg and said that the Cape never disappoints

From Semi Final, Spain vs Germany, FIFA FAN FEST, Cape Town, South Africa
From Semi Final, Spain vs Germany, FIFA FAN FEST, Cape Town, South Africa
From Semi Final, Spain vs Germany, FIFA FAN FEST, Cape Town, South Africa

Pics from FIFA FAN FEST In Cape Town

Semi Final, Spain vs Germany, FROM FIFA FAN FEST, CAPE TOWN

Semi Final, Spain vs Germany_no2, FROM FIFA FAN FEST, CAPE TOWN

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