Tuesday, July 13, 2010


On Saturday I had to go hang out at Sandton Square.It was the day before the final.I expected it to be rocking.And I wasn't wrong.It was off the hook.
We had lunch at Giradelis and many legends were walking around.Uruguayan legend Enzo Francescoli for one.
I had a good meal and set off to have a smoke in the square with my replica trophy in my hand.
On my way I was stopped by four Dutch supporters who wanted a photo.
Mark,Alex,Jan and I forgot the third.
We became friends and they told me to hang around with them at the square.
A packed Sandton Square was electric

They were chanting Holland,Holland and were true Dutch supporters.Then the Dutch band arrived and for the next three hours there was chanting,Singing and a proper Fan Zone was developing.After a while the Spanish Joined in.
I was loving it,chatting to the various fans about the game and South Africa.

I begun to like the Dutch Fans.After a while I offered the Dutch friends a lift to Melrose Arch as they wanted to watch the 3rd and fourth playoff.
I told them to meet me at Mandelas statue.
They were creators and told me that I have too little orange and gave me a pair of sunglasses and a scarf in Dutch Colors.
After the dancing and hanging out with the Oranje I was going to support the Dutch tomorow, knowing that if they win the Orange brigade and party will be insane.

My Cuzzie and durban correspondent ZaK Loonat and his members were around.So we were walking around,A coffee here and there.
During the time I met former Spanish and Real Madrid defender Fernando Hierro.Got a pic and watched loads of Celebs around...Pep Guardiola,Christian Karembeau and his model wife,Blatter and even Sharukh Khan was causing a stir.


Meeting Fernando Hierro

Sandton was buzzing.At 7 we met Mark and the Dutch crew,hopped in my car ,Opened the roof and The Dutch were singing and creating the Vibe en route to Melrose Arch.These guys were funny,full of passion and creators.They make a quiet moment Fun and are quite vocal.
So as we entered Melrose Arch they were mobbed to take photographs.
Also the Flying Dutchmen were there and I couldn't resist but stare at those hot "Air Hostess looking" blonde's.It was rocking.

At 10pm we left Alex and them and headed on to soak in the Night scene.
Grabbed the usual McDonalds which has been our staple diet this World Cup and all I can say about the night was purely "SUBLIME!"
badaams galore and ready and excited for the Final


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