Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Our flight landed at 9pm after a bit of delays that ensued from the Durban air traffic situation and headed on home.Met Faiz and Moe...had a coffee and a snack at Capellos and prepared for the weekend.I got home and slept like a baby. On Friday I just chilled and got a few errands done.Cuzzy Zak Loonat and crew were arriving from Durban for the Final Weekend.
Zak a mad Dutch supporter so we pit stopped at Hilton,and had a coffee hoping some of the Dutch players will surface but they checked out to the Hyat.So we went to Sandton,met the lads,had a relaxing supper and headed off home.On our way I decided to check out the Hyat and have some more coffee he he.To our suprise we were sitting next to the Dutch Coaching staff and Van Mawyk. Wished them good luck and got a pic with Phillip Cocu. Then we dropped a connextion from london Speedhie off and hit the sack. Saturday was pre final Day

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