Sunday, July 18, 2010


So the World Cup is over and I must admit depression has set in. We had a blast.To the crew that made the Swoosh0018 crew and assisted me throughout the tournament it was FANTASTIC. We had a blast.
Im gonna rest for two weeks.Update the World Cup Diaries and charge up for the next season.Its well needed.
Attending a World Cup tournament when your country is the host has been sensational.Ive attended a bit of Euro 96 when I was only 20.This has been something else.So many moments,brilliant fans and being part of the greatest football spectacle ever is truly unbelievable.Ive attended about 17 games and some of the lads more.
To see the tactics,skill and movement of some of the best players in the world has been a revelation.Im a true football fan.And I loved it from start to finish and yeah I f34ken miss it. But all good things come to an end and for now a good rest until the season starts again.

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