Tuesday, July 27, 2010



League code: 187835-53006

R100 to enter.No Pay no Play
Payment Details.
Bank account details
Naseem Mayet
Nedbank Fordsburg
Account number: 1953476759
Branch code: 195395
or drop of Cash at Wits Underwear in Fordsburg
Contact 082 581 0735

A warm Thank you to RCS Sports for sponsoring the Best of the Best for the Second year running.Swoosh0018 really looks forward to it. RCS Has grown and is one of a kind.So with the World Cup Hangover this is gonna be BIG. And the lads are looking forward to it.
Im busy dishing out the loot from Last Years winnings so its gonna be lekker.
The rules are simple again.
One team per player. R100 to enter and Cut off is by the 15th of September.

Also the Community Shield match between Sufyaan Sarang and Yusuf Seth will take place on Gameweek one.
From Gameweek two the SUBWEAR CLOTHING TOP 8 commences on to Gameweek 4.
The winner of this competition will get a designer countree Tee of his choice from Soviet and Subwear.
Let the games begin.
The TOP 8 draw is as follows

1  Yusuf Seth                                           vs     Bilal Coovadia
2. naeem vallee                                         vs Azhar Mohamed Moola
3. Sufyaan Sarang                                      vs  Mohsin Seth

4. Junaid Seth                                           vs Muhammed Riaz Gani
Will following guys please contact me to collect their Mini Balls.
Thanks Swoosh


NOVEMBER: Mickey Owen's XI Yusuf Seth 63 199
DECEMBER: PUNK naeem vallee 81 409
JANUARY: The Champ is Here FC Sufyaan Sarang 85 314
FEBRUARY: woolwich14 mohammed motan 27 279
MARCH: The Champ is Here FC Sufyaan Sarang 63 358
APRIL:* Porn Stars * Azhar Mohamed Moola 62 274
MAY: The Champion Seth Junaid Seth 76 170

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