Thursday, September 16, 2010


So the MANCS win the JIHAD.WELL Done to them and Berbatov.The 30 Million finally paid off.A cracker of a second goal.
As for us..Well we fought back well thanks to Stevie G.Marales played well. We just had to hold on and Ferguson would have been pissed throwing away a two goal lead.But thats how it goes.YNWA .

This article was sent to me before the game by a MANC Fan

Will Sir Admit To Summer Mistake?
Posted 15/09/10 11:53

There will be no Champions League Winners and Losers column this week but I think we can all fill in the gaps - the biggest losers were undoubtedly Sir Alex Ferguson and any United fans who paid to see the borefest served up by an ultra-defensive Rangers side and Sir Alex's imagination-challenged reserves.
Even Ferguson has admitted he made a mistake in not putting the in-form Dimitar Berbatov on the bench, while others might add Nani and Paul Scholes to the list of sorely-missed creative players who might have provided the invention needed to break down the stubborn Scots. Some might say his biggest mistake was putting all the creative pressure on Wayne Rooney just days after not trusting him to keep his cool against Everton. But I would argue that his biggest mistake came in the summer.
After their schooling at the hands of Barcelona in the Champions League in May 2009, it was obvious that United needed new blood in central midfield. After the capitulation to Bayern Munich in April 2010 it was even more obvious that United needed new blood in midfield. So obvious, in fact, that Michael Carrick has not started a game for United since that day.
And yet, United started this season with Owen Hargreaves, Anderson, Michael Carrick, Darren Fletcher, Paul Scholes and Darron Gibson as their senior, recognised central midfielders. That looks like a relatively long list until you acknowledge that Hargreaves is perma-crocked, Anderson is temporarily crocked but a long-term disappointment, Carrick is out of form and favour and Paul Scholes is 35 and cannot play twice a week. That leaves Fletcher and Gibson as young, fit central midfielders, and it was that pair that started against Rangers on Tuesday night.
Ferguson must see something in Gibson that the rest of us miss. While Mesut Ozil and Rafael van der Vaart moved for pennies in football terms this summer, Ferguson obviously had faith in the Irishman who appears to the neutral to offer nothing more than the ability to hit the ball rather well from 20-25 yards.
The statistics show that Gibson had nine shots against Rangers. That, for those who don't spend an inordinate amount of time staring at statistics, is unusual. Very, very unusual. The rest of the Manchester United side only had 12 shots between them. It's good to be confident in your own ability to take a pot-shot, but you can't help thinking it smacks of a lack of imagination. If it didn't work the eighth time fella, it might be best to try something different.
Some United fans are already bemoaning the loan of the creative Tom Cleverley to Wigan, but what United desperately needed was investment in that area of the pitch. Instead, Ferguson chose to bring in two untried and untested strikers - one of whom he had never seen play. Pete Gill is fond of saying that Ferguson will have failed in his final years as United manager if he doesn't replace either Ryan Giggs or Paul Scholes, while Ferguson himself recently admitted he might have to 'splash' out soon to do exactly that. Not soon enough, perhaps.
Sarah Winterburn
Remember this sweet day
The Time Has come.No friends,No family,Bash a Manc,Bash a scouser.Its war this weekend.What are your predictions. To Me I honestly think that the MANCS are in their worst ever condition.If ever there was a time to punish them would be now. Remember this picture.What a Sweet Day.
THE WAR IS ON. Who Will it Be?

This time the occassion has arrived pretty soon with both teams certainly not enjoying the best of starts. The MANCS drawing or should I say throwing winning games away and Liverpool as Inconsistent as ever.
But again with all those results a match of this Magnitude boils down to to the sheer pride of it all.No team can lose to one another.Its forbidden.its just Wrong.


My close friend and PIM Model Myla Radicchia.Shes a Liverpool fan. 3-0 to the Scousers she says

Ok its just been anounced that a replica jersey will be presented to the individual that predicts the score correctly or closely on this status or on this blog. The gift is either Man Utd or Livepool, pending on the fan


  1. United 3-2 Liverpool

  2. Why does NASA send their astronaughts to Anfield.Because there is no atmosphere there

  3. Bilal Coovadia via fb- And you think that you guys are in form????????????
    Our worst day is still better than your good day

  4. ABU=Anyone But united,Ali=Anti Liverpool. My prediction 2-1 Liverpool and to rub salt in the wounds Lucas to score the winner. This is big.Its about pride and Hate. Its about Dignity. And everyone knows how I hate the MANCS

  5. Ferguson is going through a Mid Life Crisis.Wats he gonna make ten changes.Many MANCS are shaking in their boots this year

  6. Bilal Coovadia via fb- Hahaha,..."Shaking in their boots" - Is this stand up comedy time?

  7. Thats it with you MANCS.When we criticise it becomes comedy. It was also Comedy when we won the previous battles. On a serious note Punisher the Plaza Toppies are asking for Fergies head.Hodgeson vs Fergie.Rafa is gone

  8. Bilal Coovadia via fb Fergie may be getting old and probably losing a bit (He maks mistales sometimes), but I would say calling for his head is extreme. He is still better than Hodgson though. Come on let's look at CV's. Let the trophies speak for themselves.
    An...yhow enuff of this talk. I will talk after the game. I need to sleep now

  9. Riaz Pinky Sali via fb united to win 3-1

  10. Ahmad Nalla via fb United 3-2 Liverpool

  11. Memz Wadee via fb L'pool 2 manu 1

  12. 2-0 to Man United - Berbatov with a touch of class and Vidic with a thumping header!

  13. 3-1 to Man United. Fletcher to come up massive!

    pity carrick injured coz he would have once again showed he is better then gerard!

  14. 1-0 to United we dish out eidy 1 week later the jihad is on ....going to organise qabr at Avalon qabrastaan livepool janazah to leave swoosh residence after the game.....

    Amien Rajah (over and out)

  15. Australia to win 5-0

    Glen McGrath

  16. 2-0 to Man Utd, Berba and Fletcher. Swoosh we remember that pic above, it says " hey camera come here, let me kiss you SINCE I CAN'T KISS ANY TROPHIES", WAHWHAWHAHWHAHWHA.

    Man Utd kisses trophies, liverdrols kiss cameras.

  17. I would go for repeat 1-4 (Zeyad)

  18. United look crap this season
    No creativity
    No depth

    This maybe the year that all united can play for is Izzat.

    how we miss ronaldo

    "go" get rid of your debt


  19. 2-1 to Utd .. (Muhammed Riaz )

  20. United 3 - Liverpool 0.
    Berbatov, Fletcher and Rooney.

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