Friday, September 17, 2010


So we have heard about being Hijacked but has anybody ever been CockJacked.
Ok so I was thinking should I write this post or shouldnt I.Then I said If I come forward I will actually save many marriages,relationships and wallets.
So perhaps me talking about my experience will save so many lives and will prevent sadness and mayhem as well as financial hastles.
So here is my story,a true story and by me coming forward I reiterate again that I will save many many victims especially when Days are Dark and friends are few and teh NAFS gets the better of you.

So heres my story.It was jumma time and I was walking form the Plaza to the shop.
This Mercedes drove past me and inside was an elderly lady in her forties I think.Not bad,dressed in an Abaya.She stops the car next to me and  rolls down the window and says "How you Maboy.Ah know you from somewhere" To which I replied "No I dont think so" She asked.Where are you off to. I said "The Shop" I thought she needed help or something.
Next thing she smiles at me and says "Jump inside Ma Boy il take you for a drive and make it worth It" And Il stop on the corner and give you ma number."
Eish.I said look Its Mosque time and I need to go.She said "Jump in man" Il give you a rub.
Thats when I pulled out the ficticious Wife Card and said. "Aunty My Wife is waiting for me at the Shop"
She pulled to the corner saw I wasnt coming and sped off.

Apparently regarding this tactic,4 victims have come forward.Obviously we cannot name them but they fell victim.They sat next to her,Got rubbed and blown apparently and when they left the Vehicle their wallets were Gone.
So Im not making stories here.This is a WARNING or ACHTUNG DANGER GEVAAR INKOSI To all the weak men that can fall victim to this form of hijacking known as cockjacking.
So Before its too late and you have to explain to your wife where her 4000 Abaya money or Jimmy Choo Money went you in a spot of bother. So Be Carefull .
Hell if it wasnt Jumma I probably would have been at The Police Station waiting for a case number and phoning the BANKS to to cancel my cards.
Be Careful Lads.We are Not Alone and we are Being Watched


  1. Checker sells cheap wallets guys... got get em... Ha Ha!

  2. Aunty was lucky you said NO....

  3. That is most definitely GEVAAR !!!

  4. There is a middle aged pretty tannie who apparently is quite pretty

    She and her daughter both do this thing, she gets the over 40s and her daughter the young ones

    She caught a traveller topi I know at F Dawood chickens, stole 4,000 from him

    True story

    She also caught me on Monday, Thursday and Friday
    If I have time she might catche me some time next week as well :-)


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