Monday, October 18, 2010


Bushman Bobby in the days when he new Henrick Wolharter

One week in the Bush...Fantastic.Perhaps I could call it Digital Detox or adventure.I arrived early this morning.It was a week of no technolgy.I get back to Liverpool in the perishans.Anyways the Safari was fantastic,Unbelievable.More on my diary of the Safari on And from tomorow its back to the grind. As for the week it was Scorpians,Bushman Bobby,encounters with boomslangs,Spitting Cobras and a residen leopard in the Camp.......And of course amazing pictures courtesy of Awesome Kruger Tours.

1 comment:

  1. whilst Liverpool was in perishaans what was MAN U in?

    heeheehee a draw against WBR.

    WBR you sublime creatures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Forget about liverpool, we all know they "khalaas" for this season, talk about the "mighty" MANCs that cant defend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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