Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So Im back from the Bush.I go onto the net and I see Liverpool in Shambles.Ok Il be honest I know thay wont get relegated.The Big News is that Wayne  "Fucken" Rooney wants to leave the MANCS.Now I kow in the past the toppie blasted owes like Stam,Becks,Keane so its not about the name.
But this time round many MANCS are saying that the Toppie should give it up.
What are your views?


  1. in SIR ALEX WE TRUST !!!

    "go" no player is bigger than the club

  2. THE toppie has his new wonderboy... chicarito, that why he doesnt care... Maybe Liverpool can buy Rooney

  3. Losing a player as gifted as Wayne Rooney is simply a sign of carelessness.

    As Manchester United barely have the quality to cope with a challenge of the Premier League title, let alone European glory
    so yeah Liverpool should buy Rooney- good idea.

  4. IN SIR ALEX WE TRUST !!!! - hee, hee, hee guess ??? Fernando Torres will be Wayne Rooney’s replacement.

    A £50m swoop will be made for Torres by making the World Cup winner the club’s new poster boy.

    Imagine the new MAN UNITED kit, possibly purple ???

  5. I agree with "go"
    No one is bigger than the club.
    Id rather have a oke with one leg, put on a jersey, thats prepared to wear his heart on his sleeve.... than have a player that has publicly announced that he wants to leave.
    Im sure money must be root of the issue.

    Im not enjoying soccer these days.
    The battle is no longer won on the greeen graas.
    The battleground has shifted to the bank.
    He who has more money will get success.

    Last nights game illustrates my point. Real Madrid VS Milan would normally be THE game to watch on a glorious European night. Yes the Milan team is a bit old, but to be honest, Milan couldn't compete with Real financially.
    How long will Pato last at Milan?


  6. Moosa Dangor via fb rooney should go! no one is bigger then the club!

  7. Rumour has it Man City have tabled a bid.
    Rooney is 24 .Mancs on the streets are saying that Fergies time is up now.New ideas are needed and Ronaldos void has never been replaced

  8. Ziyaad Chothia via fb Rooney is kak hy moet loop

  9. Mohammed Amien Rajah via fb let him go ..we will survive ..

  10. azee moola via fb No player bigger then the gaffer. Ask becks, stam, van nistelroy etc. U should b asking urself should hodgson go?

  11. Is it true rooney has a contract clause that he can never sign for liverpool

  12. Fareed Kaloo via fb Contract Clause is true. Theyre allowed to be sold to other clubs, and then to Liverpool.
    Otherwise scouser talent-scouts would have a permanent tent pitched outside Old Trafford!
    As for Rooney, when he's on form he is a class player. With Be...rbatov coming into form recently, Rooney is feeling the pressure. The gaffer kept the lid on on-field tantrums, but im guessing it's too much to ask for him to control the kid off-field.
    As a die-hard United fan, it would be a sad day when Rooney leaves, but 2 things are certain:
    Once transfer rumours start, they usually end in a transfer, so the kids going sooner or later.
    Secondly, history has proven that no player is bigger than the club. In Sir Alex we trust. He may be getting older, but his grasp on the team is an iron-fist. Besides, he's got the backing of legends on his side.
    He'll retire once Giggs calls it a day on the field and moves into management. Thats the natural progression at United.

  13. Zubair Ismail via fb rooney is a good aplayer but if his heart is not with the team he should leave...Fergie has done a fantastic job at utd but i think time is ripe for a change!

  14. for me, personally, the passion of the game has been lost. its all about the benjamins.

    the english/british pride has been lost. there is no longer the heart in the game, no longer the spirit, no longer the passion.

    financially, man city are the muscle, but can they keep all their stars happy ? who would make way for rooney in the man city squad.

    remember the galacticos? they dint win much.

    fergie at his age, still has the passion for the game. the only manager i currently see with that attitude is jose nourinho.

    "go" where are the players who want to play with heart & passion

  15. Who cares about Rooney and the Gaffer when you have ABR and GO agreeing on something!

    What the F**K is this World coming to?

    Even i couldn't predict this one!

  16. ha ha ha ha @ nostradamus.

    ABR has seen the light :-)

    "go" JOMO SONO

  17. BOTH SHOULD jUST ""GO", ""GO", "GO"

  18. abr u mugg, go watch amateur sports if you dont care abou the money. and feel it has negatively affected the game. this is the new world order. the ricj will survive and the meek shall inherit the earth.


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  20. Difficult decision, but have to use baajo(brains)when deciding coz not only financial impact but future of club too. Wayne got talent!!!


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