Sunday, August 10, 2008


Firstly, Its a been a hectic week for me. I'm battling the flu since Thursday, b@#tard flu not going away.

I really felt Uncle Bhai Gora Sorry. The Master Tactician has released a public statement on Swoosh0018 and is not available for Comment,

UBG is so p#4ssed off at the Chinese for Copying his ideas of the Opening Ceremony for SA2010. The Chinese have copied him and used his ideas for Beijing instead.

Speaking of the Opening Ceremony, It was absolutely spectacular. You have to hand it to the Chinese. Probably the Best Opening Ceremony ever witnessed. Spectacular and breathtaking and all done by People, The ideas, the concepts, the colors, Truly Spectacular.

I must admit in Fordsburg on Friday Night I was involved in something similar to the Opening Ceremony in Beijing. The Opening of the New Chinese restaurant next to Beijing. I have the pictures, Their was a Dragon dance on main and Mint Road, and a spectacular Fire Works display. Again you have to hand it to the Chinese. I took some pics, Met the Swaars who were invited to the Dinner, Got chucked in as the media, sampled the Food, and a few prawns. Saturday and Sunday, the flu, came back

Have a look at this video for anyone that missed the Opening Ceremony

As for the Sports, lets start of with the Community Shield. Now I ask clearly

Is the Community Shield Important, Is it about the pride and izzet. Why I ask this, Is that we dont want the MANCS shooting their mouths off of capturing the Quadruple etc.
SO MANCS, Say your say now!

Its always good to see the English Footie season kick off, and teh Community Shield is no better way. Even though it means nothing the MANCS fielded a nearly full strength team. And Penalties is what they good at and So they Won the Charity Shield.
A positive thing though is that they have made no signings this year. Very strange on the Toppie Sir Alex's part. Could this be their downfall.
Crouch looked plain and ordinary. but let me not say too much, Its just the Community Shield and a prelude to the season. We talk this weekend.
My birthday is on the 16th. The Season kicks off on the 16th. SO makes for an interesting weekend, plus its BIG NIGHT.

Great tour for Hash. Pity he didnt get his century on Sunday, But his innings on Saturday was one of aggression and pure class. SA look like they will lose the test but great to win the serious and Congratulations Hashim Amla.May you see many more successes

We will dedicate a special column to Beijing olympics. For now hows the Soccer. The Countries are really going for Olympic pride.

My favourites for Gold are Italy & Argentina. The Azurrini have scored 6 and conceded nil. But hows the Argentine midfield of Macherano, Messi, Riquilme and i cant remember the Fourth owe

Azee & SETH,ZK , DID WE EXPECT ANY OTHER RESULT. What do my rugby pundits hve to say about that black lad that had a blinder.
Interesting criticism I saw of De Villiers in the Sunday times. A tiny article made mention of Why in the hell is De Villiers not calling up two forwards or something. I forgot their names. He is persisting with the two he has


  1. Many people have said that How will we match this in 2010 AND what will SA do. The World Cup is not like the Olympics. Its about the Football. Which World Cup has ever had a mind blowing Opening Ceremony?

    The OLYMPICS is on a different plateaux and has a wide array of Sports

    So in 2010 our focus should be on logistics, infrastructure and the Football

    Anybody agree.


  2. With regards to the World Cup bhai..
    Dont fear bhai.. UBG is here bhai..

  3. Totally agree Ishaaq, nobody ever remembers the World Cup opening or closing ceremonies simply because all we care about is the footy and are eager for that to start!

    The Olympic opening ceremony is huge event and there's major pressure on the hosts to pull of something spectacular. With the World Cup all we want is for the whistle to blow and the action to start.

    Sepp Blatter!

  4. I think SA should architect a mind blowing opening ceremony.. At least it will be a TOP PERFORMANCE by SA..

    Cos they sure as hell wont produce that on the pitch..


    "go" get THIERRY HENRY

  6. I think we should have a world cup with only Man United players so that it's worth our while going to watch. Winning the double for most of the decade is not easy to do and most clubs fail to win one trophy in a season-look at livetwats-they still drooling over Manc's latest silverware-community shield!!


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