Sunday, November 23, 2008


A good weekend actually, Blue Monday today. Just dont know whats happening with time lol. Before you know it , Liverpool will win the league and I might be married lol. I just chilled this weeekend. Prepared for my nephew Raihan Mayet and his "Lightning McQueen Birthday Party" .Met all the chaps,,,had some Debonairs Cup banter and Fantasy League Banter. Its was hot and ice cold cokes and Boerewors Steers Pattys were going down.

Not much to talk on the football front, All draws by the big boys with the exception of Arsenal. One positive though was that the MANCS didnt get two extra points, courtesy of that Wayne Rooney miss.

Im not going into detail this weekend. Whats to say. I thought Liverpool will get a result at Anfield especially. But thats the goes.

Three things though I have to mention. One is the Wayne Rooney miss. Now this miss proves really costly in retrospect to Liverpool and Chelsea drawing. In context of this situation you have to bury these chances. I met many MANCS that were complaining about the Rooney miss. Butt misses are part of football. The current situation makes for an entertaing season especially with the Christmas, Boxing day matches coming up soon. Thats when the seasons are scripted

The second point is actually a question. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ARSENAL?
Is there politics in the camp. With Gallas coming clean in his autobiography and being stripped off his captaincy perhaps paving the way for big Political unrest at the Emirates. I mean Wenger is a toppie that controls his home. A spate of bad results. Please Arsenal Fans. What is happening

Lastly Juve lost against Inter. I hate Inter with the same passion I do the Mancs. And Juve dominated with possesion and we conceded SOFT late into the game. Suliman Montari was left unmarked and we were 1-0 down. Cesar kept out a brilliant Del Piero header at the death and Juve were denied. Juve are still third but to get one over Mourinho would have been Sublime.

Elsewhere in Serie A, Milan conceded a late penalty and drew 2-2. That opens the gap on the b@3tards Inter. Roma , Sampodoria and Napoli all won

In La liga, Barca drew and Madrid needed 3 important points which they got. News coming in there is that Sergio Ramos is touted as the replacement for Maldini
Also this weekend was the Confeds Cup draw. Italy Brazil, Egypt and USA. Thats a heavy draw. Bafana , New Zealand, Spain and Iraq in Group A. Bafana should make the Semi Final. They must. But more on the draw in Super Tuesday


  1. Where are the Rooney loverz?????????

  2. ROONEY u beauty !!!

    Herd the scousers got booed off at anfield ??? how sad is that.


  3. mini u went missing there for a while! did u go of into the sunset with that shemale who was after you? were u in sakraat after leeds loss to derby in league cup?

    theres only i rooney!

    swoosh where is all you kak talk about pieter de villers? i hope he has silenced you 4 good!

  4. hey swoosh i hear abu dhabi after buffon? big money thrown around? man city mean business? will he go?

  5. go you good thing go!

  6. PDV at Twickenham.Come on Azee. The English are not the force they were when they won the Cup.

    PDV syas he wants time. Give a man 30 years on the job he should win something

    PS. Buffon will never Leave Juve. Why should he. Turin will cry, Juve fans will Riot. Beside Buffon can go to Barca, Milan, Madrid. Why the F#4k will he go to Man City.

    He stayed with us during Serie B. BUFFON will never leave

    Theres somethings even MONEY CANT BUY.

    If Suleiman Al Fahim wants Buffon , He must buy out Turin first

  7. Azee

    I was writing.Oh BTW this weekends score LEEDS 4 -Hartlepool 1.

    Go and Azee

    You guys need a wake up call coz Rooney is shite.Atleast Seth agrees on that.Whats the use if you peform in 3 games and play shit for the next 6 games.

    Swoosh can we have a joint mugg of the week?My nomination is Azee n Go

  8. I second that Mini

    Rooney is SHITE!!!


  9. I second that Mini

    Rooney is SHITE!!!


  10. hey abr, since you so intelligent when it comes to ball,

    is rooney better then ronaldo?

  11. swoosh please save u'r comments on the buffon deal, coz come june next year and the guy leaves dont deny what u have just written.

    he will leave, he is a matchfixer after all, money counts, the only reason he stayed in serie b is coz they paid him and del a shit load to stay on!

  12. Hey at least Rooney wins at the end of the season, unlike others(besides Spurs and Portsmouth). What did scouzers and blues win last season?

  13. theres only 1 abr! 1 abr!!!!!!!!


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