Friday, February 13, 2009


Tomorow is Valentines Day. The day of Pyaar. (love) the day of exchanging gifts. Im gonna make this post interactive and lets hear your stories. What was the most outrageous Valentine experience you have ever had, What was the best gift you have recieved?
Tell us about your funniest, special and outlandish Valentine experience?


  1. I was at one of my girlfriends houses once. We were having a romantic evening, candle lit dinner etc. We ended up in the master bedroom, door locked. We were watching TV when all of a sudden the parents came back home. She opened the sliding door and said do what you have to do. I couldnt stay there because of the neighbours , so I jumped 6 feet down and my back has never been the same since. It was a harrowing ordeal


  2. Once upon a time I experienced Valentines in Ennerdale. It was as Swoosh says sublime. years later I went with jamaat on 3 days. I was the Mutaqaleem, the speaker. I knocked on the door, this girl opened and said "HAAAAAAAA , Ebrahim is dit jou, Wag ek sal my suster roep"

    I was so embaressed. We had a chuckle later

    True Story

  3. I remember the atmosphere in Lenz Back in the day. Honey Bee Florist used to be buzzing.

    The good old days of Garfield Teddy Bears. Marty McFly

  4. Dont you hate those chicks that just collected all the presents from their admirers and then didnt give them the time of day afterwards. It was like a contest of who recieved the most gifts.

    Hurt Victim from the past

  5. some people only collect ,
    Whereas others just spend and get crappy things in return

    After you marry u realise what a waste it was.

  6. Ryan....
    Master bedroom now that was where you went wrong
    master bedroom only comes available to u after the dol and rice and ring on finger

  7. f valentines day

    let me share this story

    A buddy of mine wanted to play an April fool on his chick, so on 1st april he starts choening with her : this is not really working out, its not you its me. he used all the classic breakup lines.
    She looks at him and said: ive been feeling the way for a while, but didnt know how to tell you.

    He was Kidding
    She was not


  8. death to valentines day!

  9. Valentine shmalentine!!


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