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Full Name: Paolo Cesare Maldini
Born 26 June 1968
World Cups: 1990, 1994, 1998 & 2002

Paolo Maldini is the most capped Italian player of all time with 126 Caps. He is also the most capped Italian Captain of all Time with 74 Caps. He holds the record for the most amount of minutes on the field at World Cup Finals, being 2217 minutes in total. Maldini was perhaps the most consistent and reliable left back Italy ever had. Maldini was part of the great record breaking Italian defense of the 1990 World Cup that holds the records for the most consecutive minutes without conceding a goal at a World Cup Tournament being 517 minutes of which Maldini played every minute. In the 1994 World Cup Paolo Maldini Captained Italy to the finals only to lose out to Brazil on penalties. These 2 World Cups were the greatest success Maldini would ever have at National Level. Maldini since his World Cup Debut in 1990 till his retirement in the 2002 World Cup never missed a single minute of Italy’s World Cup Games. Maldini is best known for his performances at Left Back although he did play at Centre Back later in his career. His performances in both the 1990 & 1994 World Cup make Maldini a World Cup and Italian Legend.

Full Name: Rudolf Joseph Krol
Born 24 March 1949
World Cups: 1974 & 1978

Part of the Legendary Dutch Total Football era, Ruud Krol was primarily a left back in the 1974 World Cup and a Centre Back in the 1978 World Cup. However due to the Total football system every player was not limited to a specific position. The Total Football System made Krol a versatile defender who could play anywhere along the defense line. Krol was an important part of the Dutch National Team that reached the finals in both 1974 & 1978. He was great defensively as well as in attack as the Total football system demanded. He assisted in many goals with his runs down the left flanks during the 1974 World Cups as well as scored a 25 yard belter against Argentina in 1974, a match in which the Dutch were magical. Many of you may know Ruud Krol today as the manager of our very own Football Giants Orlando Pirates.
Full Name:
Born 16 May 1925
World Cups: 1954, 1958 & 1962 (Member of 1950 Brazil Squad but did not play)

Nilton Santos was a left Wing-Back who featured for the Legendary World Cup Winning Brazilian teams of 1958 & 1962 as well as the 1954 team. Although a left back he was best known for his attacking ability on the left wing. He was nicknamed the encyclopedia because of his vast knowledge of the sport of football. A brilliant World Cup Moment that defined the attacking ability of Nilton Santos was defined by his magnificent 1958 World Cup Solo Goal against Austria where he dribbled his way through the whole field to score a classic. Nilton Santos is regarded as one of the greatest Wingbacks in the history of the game.

Born 9 November 1960
World Cups: 1986, 1990 & 1994

Andy Brehme was a left back in the German team that reached the finals in the 1986 World Cup and won the 1990 World Cup. Bhreme was a solid left back who was excellent with his attacks down the left flank. He was also a free kick specialist for the German team and scored two free kick goals in both the 1986 Semi-Final against France and the 1990 Final Against England. Brehme also was a recognized penalty taker and is best remembered for scoring the winner against Argentina in the 1990 final which was a penalty. Brehme was also skilled with both his feet in that he scored the winning penalty in the 1990 final with his right foot but took free kicks with his left. He was a great left back both defensively and in attack as well as being able to play equally well with both feet.

Full Name: Roberto Carlos Da Silva
Born 10 April 1973
World Cups: 1998, 2002 & 2006

Well if you thinking of a WING BACK your mind must think of none other than Roberto Carlos. The man created his own style of being a Left Back. The caption above “Attack is the Best Form of Defense” best describes Robert Carlos. He was part of the 1998 Brazil Runner Up Team as well as the 2002 Champions team. His absolutely lethal left foot was a fear for any goalkeeper to face. His Bullet Free Kicks was another trademark of his and he scored a Free Kick against China in the 2002 World Cup Group Phase. The Run Up alone to his Free Kicks was a classic trademark of his. Also the amount of running Roberto Carlos did during the match down the left flank pays tribute to how fit he was at his prime.

Who is the only player to score a goal and an own goal in a Single World Cup Match?

Same rules as previous sections applies: You can vote for any player you like and are not limited to the ones mentioned above. Voting procedure is same as last: Send your vote and answer via email to as well as email/cell phone number.

The prize for the overall winner of the competition which is the person who correctly guesses the correct World XI and answers all Trivia Questions Correctly is yet to be decided. Swoosh has also provided Autographed Hashim Amla Mini Bat for the course of the competition to guys who vote & answer correctly. The Signed Mini Bat will be given after the selection of the Centre Backs as well as a Selected World Cup DVD of your choice.


The answer to last month’s question of who was the only player to play in 3 World Cup Final Matches is Marcos Evangelista de Moraes better known as CAFU. He played in the 1994 World Cup Final against Italy as a sub, the 1998 Final against France and the 2002 final against Germany.



  1. what about stuart pearce?
    dave nyathi?

  2. andy brehme has to be the one truly class!

    on robert carlos, he was defensively very poor, also he score that one cracker free kick before france 98 and then every1 raved about him but in fact he wasted a hell of a lot of freekicks after that. he used to just blast it, there was no class about them!

    on maldini yeh he won alot of caps and is playing into his 40's but he played in a very defensive minded italian team, they palyed with that 9 men behind the ball system so u cant really say he was outstanding!


  3. Brehme truely class. How could not forget that curler against the dutch in Italia 90.

    Maldini a loyal servant, but never won the BIG ONE

  4. Swoosh heres one for valentines
    Peru:You know Bala, I looked at my wife Padhma recently and asked
    Myself what I got myself into...
    Bala:Oyo Peru ...Whatchu(what you) got yourself into?
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    Bala:What nickname you got Peru ?
    Peru:You know I call hair(her) ButterFace....
    Bala:...Hor (oh)... ButterFace?..How romantic!
    Peru:Everybody was asking me why I call hair ButterFace...if hair skin
    Is sorft(soft)... I said nor(no)....then they asked if she's
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    Bala:Then why you call hair ButterFace Peru ?
    Peru:Because Bala......everything is nice......BUT Her Face!

  5. Bixente Lizarazu deserves a mention.The lad used to do his job with pride.

    Won the French the World Cup and the Euro

  6. Pearce was one of the hardest yu could find.

    Great left back for England. Ironically it was he who missed the spot kick against Bodo ilgner

  7. Well said Gaan Maro.

    Roberto Carlos did buggerall after that free kick.

    He only left his defense exposed on numerous occassions

  8. you're a fucking doos gaan maro

  9. Dont you hate those chicks that just collected all the presents from their admirers and then didnt give them the time of day afterwards. It was like a contest of who recieved the most gifts.

    Hurt Victim from the past

  10. I say Grosso for his Award Winning dive against Australia at the 2006 World Cup

    His contribution won Italy the World Cup

  11. anonymous

    ur negativety will not deter me!

    gaan maro

  12. thats not negativety its the truth.... you're a FUCING DOOS!!!

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